On March 19, Sir Robert Jackson of CONVENTICLE FILMS arrived in Hartshorne, Oklahoma at the historic

 LIBERTY THEATRE to film what would become the first pro shot videos of RosCo And The Heads'

career. The three songs were released on June 1, 2006 along with the remainder of the tunes that made

up RECTIFIER. The band had performed Friday and Saturday nights of that weekend and after the usual rock and or

roll shenanigans, they were a bit grumpy and worn out to be up and filmed before the crack of

noon on a Sunday, but Sir Robert prevailed and what he has captured is set.

Later in the week, Sir Robert journeyed to his family home of Kentucky where he worked

on his forthcoming documentary, 'American Threnody' which promises to be a riveting

and explosive expose' of cover ups and foul ups concerning his once great ancestral base.

Special thanks to the awesome crew that helped us out, especially the Kelly Family and Clark Family,

Autumn, Katiera, and to theatre owner Jerry Earp for waiting patiently playback after playback. And of course our

friends, family, fans, Conventicle Films, and The Good Lord.

Copyright 2006-2011 Rockin RosCo Productions/Conventicle Films All Rights Reserved


RosCo And The Heads-Redeemer

Conventicle Films


Dec. 31, 2010 Mena Arkansas


Dec. 31, 2010


SGT. PEPPER (COVER) Liberty Theatre Nov. 6, 2010



OKIE DOKIE OKIE (R. Chronister)


BE THIS WAY (R. Chronister)




RosCo on bass with Voodoo Rising July 2000 McAlester, OK

 Backstage at the Icehouse when I still drank a bit

Cover of Kiss Cold Gin

'YOU (Can't Win For Losin) (R. Chronister)

Dec. 20, 2008 Shovelhead's Bar McAlester, OK Courtesy of Paul Gavigan

 RosCo and the Heads