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DEC. 20, 2005-LAST ENTRY OF THE YEAR! Here we are in the closing days of 2005, looking forward to the holidays, friends, family, and overeating! RosCo And The Heads would like to thank their loyal fans worldwide for their unadorned and unfounded devotion and we hope to please you even more in 2006! The Halloweenie Party at SHOVELHEAD BAR & GRILL was a rousing success with ghouls, goblins, and groupies making it a fantastic time! An after Thanksgiving Party at TACO's  MY BAR in the beautiful outskirts of Hartshorne was a blast and a special shout out goes to groupie Jennifer for 'titillating' the band! Thanks, Jen! More musical mayhem is planned at TACO's MY BAR Dec. 30 and then New Years eve will see The Heads back at SHOVELHEAD BAR & GRILL in friendly North Town McAlester for a 2005 send-off. Come and Party With Us!

    Back at The Blue House, The Kitties are fine and have their stockings hung with care in anticipation of Santa Cat, the jolly old feline with the hairball problem who brings catnip to all the good kittens all around the world. The Kitties have been very helpful the last couple of months doing their chores and leaving the neighborhood doggies alone so I figure they are trying to score points with Santa Cat. I myself could use some chocolate for Christmas, so I have been trying to be good as well, trying to stay away from porn sites on the web as well as cutting down on fried chicken. I better get some chocolate, Santa!

    Pre production is under way for the new RosCo And The Heads CD, 'Rectifier.' Hopefully, the disc will be out by March or April and it will be the tenth compact release from our Uncle RosCo, who despite advancing age, stiffness of joints, and lack of chocolate continues to terrorize the Western World with his music and musicianship! Best wishes to all, see ya next year, keep sending the peppermint, chocolates, smoked salmon, guitar strings, love letters, soup coupons, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


OCT. 23, 2005-HALLOWEEN IS COMING!-RosCo And The Heads had a smashing good time Labor Day weekend, bobbing for poodles, singing with the ducks, blowing up PA equipment, and generally reinforcing the negative image that they love and enjoy! GATORS in Eufaula, Oklahoma  was a great gig until the ducks got drunk, and well there is nothing quite as mean as a drunk duck! Leader of The Band and air deodorant salesman RosCo was accosted by two of the fowl who demanded that he play Big Bird songs! RosCo weakly protested, informing the feathered ones that he only knew 'The Count' songs and a couple of Kermit favorites. That is when the billed devils became quite physical! Steven Ford, bass man and four wheeler racer had to flee for his life after an intoxicated ducky grabbed his bass and started shouting, 'Let Me Show You How To Play Tupac!' Drummer dude and cow hand Kenny Puma actually got along quite well with the ducks, trading mamba moves, exchanging tuna casserole recipes, and jamming with three ducks who used to be in Tito Puente's percussion section! The band was also charged for the ducks escalating bar tab, but the staff were very kind to the Heads since most were a marauding band of kitchen help from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Can't wait to play Mighty Rock And Or Roll there, again!

        Meanwhile, back at The Blue House Lefty The Famous Kitty continues to outsource his thriving Kitty Porn business! I can't say that I approve of such action, but we have not been late with the electric bill in weeks! The rest of the kitties are getting ready for winter and have gotten in their winter coats quite well. I think they trade at Bloomingdale's while I, a poor musician still consider Good Will and McDonalds Dollar Menu a great night out on the town!

    The Elks Lodge Party was a great success and a surprised Chet Hunter was clearly moved. Chet turned the 'Big Five-Oh' and he doesn't look a day over seventy! RosCo And The Heads had a wonderful time, wowing the crowd with their hors' dourves eating prowess, their performing of fifties rock and or roll and blues and flirting with all the married women! The night was capped off with the traditional stealing of toilet paper and all the leftovers they could carry!

    This Friday night will be a blast at SHOVELHEADS in McAlester, OK for the Big Halloween Show! Dracula, the Wolf man, Frankenstein and RosCo And The Heads will be there, so come on out and party like a zombie, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


AUGUST 31, 2005-LABOR DAY WEEKEND IS HERE! It has been a slow summer for RosCo And The Heads, but Labor Day weekend promises to be more fun than fried chicken on a stick! Friday, Sept. 2, will find the band of merry men playing some rockin' blues at GATORS restaurant located at Eufaula Cove on beautiful Lake Eufaula 6pm till 10! Crawfish, milder weather, pogo stick competitions, and a whole lot of drinking will be some of the highlights of the evening! Saturday, September 3, is the time of rockin out at our favorite North Town watering hole, SHOVELHEAD BAR & GRILL in McAlester, OK starting at 9:30pm! Tank and Nancy always throw a great party and them Resin Heads can't wait to dance on the tables and get stupid!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the great city of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. God Bless the Big Easy, and come back stronger than ever.

    RosCo And The Heads had a fantastic time at Mid Summer Thunder 2005! Steven Ford, breadstick salesman and bass dude for the band, crowd surfed until the wee hours all the while munching on Oreo cookies! Ken Puma, drum boy and electronic burrito expert reported, 'I can't believe how fast I ran from security after I accidentally walked into the ladies shower area!' They tried to kill Kenny! Uncle RosCo, undisputed roadie of the group fell off the band stand twice crushing a couple of fans and momentarily became lodged in a Simpson's Pez dispenser. Some kindly bikers freed the confused guitarist who wandered into a conga line never missing a lick on his trusty Stratocaster! Hey, we can't wait for next year!

    The band is recording it's follow up CD to 2005's Okie Land, which sold in the high teens and is enjoyed by relatives all over the tri-county area! The new CD is tentatively titled Rectifier, and hopefully will be released in early 2006. This album will be the tenth release for our hero RosCo going back to the Blak Kat Bone days in 1999, so make plans to steal it when it comes out to boost his ego!

    Happy B-Day to John Peters at Rock 105! The Captain of The Boogie Down Blues Show turned the Big Five-Oh Tuesday, so we appreciate your parents for having you, and lets all shake what your mama gave you for the greatest Blues DJ in Little Dixie Oklahoma!

        The kitties at The Blue House are fine with ravenous appetites for Nine Lives Super Supper and condensed milk! Our kitten Cornbread is currently undergoing potty training, so her mother is a bit flustered, but hopeful! Keep sending those emails, coffee samples, Dr. Pepper bottle caps, coupons for cat food,  and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


JULY 6, 2005-HOT LIKE THE SUMMER! Our Uncle RosCo has been plotting the routes of several ice cream trucks in the SE Oklahoma area, and drivers every where cringe at the thought and horror of the delicious dessert fanatic chasing them down! Reinforcements have long since been depleted, and it looks like ice cream will lose another round to Rascally RosCo! 

    The Mighty Resin Heads have had a gig or two every now and then. A bunch of fun was had at The Gold Rush Convenience Store in Haileyville, Oklahoma, where the band played for two months running! Setting up in front of an empty beer cooler and playing for the 1 to 6 year old set was a dream come true for the music men as it seems to be appropriate for the similar age bracket, or at least in the same spirit! Bass man Steven Ford dusted off his paddy cake act for a few lucky toddlers, and Uncle RosCo regaled the crowd with songs about nap time and picking up our toys. Drummer dude Ken Puma was hit with a disposable diaper, and things were touch and go for a while, but the lads prevailed and a few autographed pacifiers quickly settled down the rowdy crowd, and the shows were a success!

    Lefty The Famous Kitty has finally moved out of The Blue House, but he still manages to find his way back around breakfast time, lunch time, and supper time. He has a condo about two blocks down, holds wild bachelor parties with his kitty friends, and has a better entertainment system than his boy RosCo! Since a lot of Kitty Porn is shown on the aforementioned entertainment center, Uncle RosCo does not seem to mind. However, if Kitty Lefty ever subscribes to the Food Network, the boycott would surely be lifted! In the meantime, a young kitty mother by the name of Mama Mew Mew and her kitten, Corn Bread, have moved in on the back porch. These two kitties have been joined by a brother by the name of Spot, so once again The Blue House is home to mammals and empty thoughts!

       Mid Summer Thunder is coming up soon, and RosCo And The Heads can't wait to rock and or roll! Bikers, babes, bands, and beer will be just some of the treats for the biggest celebration yet, so pack your bikini, and get to the show! In the mean time, keep sending those gifts, lederhosen, grilled gummy bears, and fried chicken coupons, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! 


APRIL 6, 2005-OH THOSE GOOFY RESIN HEADS! RosCo And The Heads had a wonderful Easter, stealing eggs from Peter Cotton Tail, and getting him blitzed the night before! Drum Dude Kenny Puma thought about delivering eggs the next day, but he could not fit into his rabbit suit as he had washed it in hot water, and it shrunk! "What am I going to do about my bunny costume!" cried poor Kenny. Uncle RosCo, guitar noodler and frequent enunciator tried to calm the Detroit Skin Beater with offers to lend his kangaroo suit, but it just was not the same! Oh the humanity!

    The Mighty Rock And Or Rollers will be partying down at PAMELA MAE's BAR & GRILL in Hartshorne, OK this Saturday night, and the band can't wait to party with GO GO Girl and and the other crazy people! Steven Ford, bass man and dog owner says, "We can't wait to play some blues for PAM!" The rest of us can't wait, either!

    The Fifth anniversary BOOGIE DOWN BLUES SHOW JAM will be held April 14 at the 1896 Bar & Grill 315 East Choctaw in McAlester, OK at 7pm. But the REAL fun will be from 4 to 6 pm as the LIVE RADIO BROADCAST studios of Rock 105-FM will be just like inmates running the asylum with special guests Dustin Ray Causer, Jerry Gray, Steven McGilberry, Juniper Point, Miss Amy, RosCo And The Heads, and of course DJ/MC Jammin' John Peters and Preston 'The Mad' Engineer! All you locals tune into the show and then come on down to 'The Six' and celebrate a wonderful occasion!

    Ol' RosCo has released a EP CD of acoustic blues called '4 Blues.' You can download the songs FREE in the MP3 format by clicking HERE and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Get yer blues while they are hot, baby!  

    Keep sending those heart shaped boxes, curling irons, newspaper coupons, (40 % off, WOW!!) ink toner, marriage proposals, peppermint chicken wings, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


MARCH 16, 2005-HAPPY EARLY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! RosCo And The Heads are gearing up for a wild March 17 Celebration with an appearance on Rock 105 Radio on The Boogie Down Blues Show with DJ and former porn star, John Peters! Green ice cream will probably be the order of the day, but green fried chicken will NOT be served as Uncle RosCo has to draw the line somewhere! 

    The party in Dallas was a blast as The Resin Heads played their own brand of Rock And Or Roll for the patrons of THE BONE located in the great state of Texas! Many confused attendee's thought that there would be a free BBQ buffet, but the band had the munchies and that was the end of that!  Amy was snapping pictures, and she is all grown up, now! Special thanks to Lynn and Shenita for dragging RosCo to the library in the wee hours, to read! The sophisticated groupies of Dallas are amazing!

    'Okie Land' the latest CD from RosCo And The Heads hit the streets on Tuesday, and scattered everywhere! Sales have been brisk in parts of Ottawa and other cities/villages in Canadia,  but the band is confident that the disc will sell well once they figure out how to get a free corn dog inside of each CD! The release party at Shovelhead Bar and Grill promises to be a blast, Friday night, and it should be a great party in North Town! For a free download, click HERE to hear 'She She Devil' a great little blues shuffle featuring Aaron Lalli on guitar and water balloons!

    Our old friend Jim Florence stopped by and left a flyer announcing the 11th Annual Oklahoma Steel Guitar Association Memorial Day Convention to be held at the Radisson Inn at Tulsa International Airport, May 27-29, 2005! More info can be found at STEEL GUITAR FORUM, a great web site where all the steel players hang out at! Jim and RosCo go way back, and they even worked in the same coal mine for a while until both were run off by misled migrant workers who did not care for poor musicians! But RosCo and Jim are doing much better these days, and when they are not jamming they usually can be found being tortured by Jim's computer!

    Thanks so much for the nice and not so nice emails, court summons, and silly putty, we really do appreciate them! Make sure to come out and party with RosCo And The Heads, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


MARCH 1, 2005-HAPPY 29th (again) BIRTHDAY UNCLE ROSCO! Yes, Oklahoma's most renown idiot has turned 29 once again, and the gifts and well wishes have poured in from all over the world! Akbar from Pennsylvania wrote via email, 'Death to the infidel Okie!' Hey, thanks a lot, Akkie old man! Suzanne from Western Australia sent these greetings, also via the web, 'I hope you have kangaroo jock itch for the next 2000 years!' I think ol' Sue is sweet on me! Super Mom and Super Rex took Uncle RosCo out to Wal-Mart and bought him clothes and candy and Mexican food! This is the best birthday ever!

    Meanwhile, The Resin Heads have been busy recording their new CD! Uncle RosCo was able to kidnap guitar guru Aaron Lalli and forced him to record a blazing solo for the blues stomper, 'She She Devil.' Jammin' John Peters of the Boogie Down Blues Show played the song on Rock 105, and the radio station has had a rash of reported arson, as well as stolen lunches from the ice box! The new CD, 'OKIE LAND'  will be ready for sale March 15, and a CD release Party will happen at SHOVELHEAD Bar & Grill Friday, March 18, 1203 North Main in McAlester, Oklahoma! RosCo And The Heads can't wait to party and show off their brand spanking new noise!

    This Saturday night will be sheer delight as RosCo And The Resin Heads travel to Dallas to Rock And Or Roll at The Bone! Pizza parlors and ice cream stores  have been stocking their goods for weeks in anticipation of the legendary appetite of the Men With Munchies! 'I hope we can get there early so I can get extra bread sticks!' says an excited bass man Steven Ford. 'I hope we don't get lost again!' remarks drum dude Ken Puma. 'And I hope the male prostitutes will leave me alone this time! admits an embarrassed RosCo!

    At The Blue House, the Famous Kitty Lefty has invited many of his friends over and converted the back deck into a 'Play Kitty' kind of red light district! Late night parties with Lefty and his Kitty friends has led to neighborhood complaints, raids by the police, and a shortage of catnip, tuna, and milk at area markets. Lefty is burning the candle at both ends, and he sure smells funky these days! Is it time for an intervention or will the party last forever? Stay tuned!

    We do appreciate your kind thoughts, comments, and clothing patterns, and keep sending those chocolate bars, guitar picks, fuzzy navels, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!    

FEBRUARY 14, 2005-HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, YA'LL! Mardis Gras has come and went and RosCo And The Heads will never tell how many times they showed their man boobs to get beads! Detroit Drum Man and Electronics Whizzer Kenny Puma made off with an astonishing 4, 732 sets of beads, so he is officially the 'Boobie Man of RosCo And The Heads!' "It is a great honor," sniffed our hero, "and I hope that West Virginia can be admitted back to the Union and be a state soon!" Steven Ford, Bass Dude and amateur History buff, commented, "Those Yankee's keep saying the South lost the War, but they are sadly mistaken!" 

    Last Friday night was a complete and utter riot as RosCo And The Heads partied one last time with Carmen and Larry at The Zodiac in North Town, McAlester, Oklahoma. It seems that the landlords have decided to use the building for a tofu warehouse, so this was the final week for the venerable rock and or roll institution. RosCo, undisputed idiot and bottle cap collector lost it about the third set when he broke down and cried, "Where will I go to see semi-naked women, besides the internet and satellite TV?" The band had a wonderful time, the patrons danced their bums off, and best of luck to Larry and Carmen!

    The Mighty Rock And Or Rollers are excited about their road trip to Dallas town March 5th for a return to The Bone in Deep Ellum to party with Mary and Travis and Lynn, and anybody else that wanders in! Bookings are already complete for Mid Summer Thunder in late July, so RosCo And The Heads are filling their dates well this year! Work on the new CD is going just peachy, so be on the lookout for a March release for 'OKIE LAND', the eighth CD that RosCo has been associated with, and the third with The Heads! Check back often at Rockin RosCo.Com for the latest updates and signs of life and keep sending those pornographic pastries, knit wool caps, chap stick, sick emails about tuna casserole, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


JANUARY 15, 2005-HAPPY NEW YEAR, YA'LL! RosCo And The Heads had an amazing first two weekends of the brand spankin' new year of 2005, and the party has just begun! First off, the Big Party started out at Pam's in Hartshorne New Years Eve, and Kenny danced with a fried turkey! 'I saw this turkey fresh from a deep fryer, and I figured I hadn't two-stepped in a while, so what the hey!' explained drummer dude and kitty poo poo farmer Kenny Puma.  Bass man and chocolate cake eater Steven Ford was disappointed that he did not get to dance with the bird, but he yelled, 'First dibs on the black eyed peas!' Uncle RosCo, undisputed idiot of the band and occasional toe nail flosser, exclaimed, 'I wish I knew how to dance fully clothed!'  The first big party of the New Year happened at Carmen's most excellent club, THE ZODIAC! Hung over patrons flooded the drinking establishment throwing beads, confetti, and leftover french fries at RosCo And The Heads while they jammed out big time!. Unfortunately, Steven Ford had to do a bass solo while Kenny and RosCo crawled on the floor gathering the aforementioned french fries! Hey, in this band we never give up an opportunity to eat!  

     The second weekend of the month found the band rockin' out in Dallas, Texas at THE BONE, nestled in the music rich historic district of Deep Ellum. After dining at a wonderful pizza place that served cheeseburgers, the band got to the club, set up and wowed the crowd with their antics of Okie Rock And Or Roll! Some of the crowd were mistaken in thinking that RosCo And The Heads were a male dancer troupe, but when Steven Ford and RosCo explained that they were not wearing underwear, the notion was quickly put to rest! RosCo saw his old buddies Lynn and Shenita and he challenged them to a burping contest, which Lynn won! But RosCo vowed vengeance and demanded a rematch! After a scorching set of Resin Music, the band packed their bags and headed to downtown Dallas, staring at the skyscrapers, which are not very common in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. 'I wonder where the bathroom is in a place like that?' wondered Steven Ford. 'We have skyscrapers in Detroit,' commented Ken Puma, 'but they look different in Texas!' RosCo wondered if they sold fried chicken at any of the big places, 'cause if they do, I want to LIVE there!' Resin Heads in the Big City, stay tuned for more adventures!

   The Famous Kitty Lefty has his winter coat which means HAIRBALLS! RosCo and Lefty can actually hack a decent conversation these days since they both suffer from the hairy balls condition! Even the Semi Famous Dust Bunnies of The Blue House have gotten into the act and the hacking of Hairy Balls is everywhere!

    Cemetery Road Studios has seen a lot of action and recordings are being made, which will someday form the new noises that The Resin Heads will commit to their new CD! Check the gigs 2005 section to see when the band will be rockin' your town, keep sending those emails, hair ball tonic, and Get Out Of Jail Free cards, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!