DECEMBER 13, 2004-HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2004! RosCo And The Resin Heads are thankful for a wonderful year and a big 'We Appreciate Ya'll!' goes out to our fans all over for being so kind to us. We hope everyone has a safe and joyful holiday season, and don't forget to adopt a Resin Head to your Christmas Gift List! Drum Man and tater tot eating champion Kenny 'Wrong Way' Puma needs new drum heads and would not be opposed to cash in his Christmas stockings this year! Steven Ford, Bass Man and Game Boy addict, is hoping that Santa will bring him 18 inch woofers and take back the fruit cake that Aunt Matilda gave him four Christmases ago! Uncle RosCo is ever hopeful that he will find a Popeye's Fried Chicken  lifetime gift card under his tree this year, and Lefty The Famous Kitty would like more Friskies Turkey and Giblet dinner, please! The Resin Heads would like to give a gift to our fans, a free song for download that will probably not be on the new CD expected out in 2005, so click HERE to listen and download, 'Christmas Time Blues.' 

    Our Thought and Prayers to the family of Diamond Darrell, a super musician and a great guy. He will be missed.

    Don't forget to come out and party with the Resin Heads for a little Rock And Blues at Pam's Bar and Grill in Hartshorne, Oklahoma New Years Eve! And if your hangover ain't TOO bad, come on out New Years Day for the first Big Party of 2005 at The Zodiac in McAlester! Hair of the Dog, baby! Jan. 8 will find them Resin Heads in Deep Ellum at a place called The Bone in Dallas, Texas, so come on down and party with us, don't forget to send Christmas gifts, (cash is good), we will have T-Shirts for sale any day now, keep sending those cards, emails, pictures of trashy women, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! 

NOVEMBER 29, 2004-ROCK AND OR ROLL IN THE BIG CITY! RosCo And The Heads had more fun than a fried chicken eating contest in Oklahoma City last night, thanks to tour guide and 'superstah' Miss. Amy! The evening started with the jam at Charley's Last Stand with them fun loving Zen Okies and then the historic meeting of Watermelon Slim and RosCo! Slim and RosCo have exchanged emails for several hundred years now, regaling each other with tales of Scarberry Mountain and have exchanged a 'possum and dumplin's recipe or two. Slim had accused Der RosCo of being British seeing how our hero performs his songs in a thick Liverpool accent, but after meeting him in person, Slim was overheard saying, 'The British are not that ugly!' Thanks Slim! Kenny Puma, drummer and Master Mechanic, was able to play the drums quite well while munching on hot dogs and Bass addict Steven Ford took to the Big City like a fish to water! After the jam wrapped up, The Resin Heads piled into their vehicle and hot footed it on over to Miss Amy's house with the all night deli near by! From there, it was off to Bricktown and the Wild Coconut where more fun and mayhem was had with Miss Amy's new partner in crime, Bob Moore! Sir Bob, as he likes to be called, is a former porn star who actually played music back in Steven and RosCo's old stomping grounds, at The Turkey Creek Saloon in Red Oak, Oklahoma. Sensing that Sir Bob might be mentally ill, Steven and RosCo exchanged knowing glances with nervous smiles, and were quite thankful and sighing relief when Sir Bob finally took to the stage! Sir Bob Rocks! After The Resin Heads played their brand of Mighty Rock And Or Roll, and could not find any trashy women to buy them drinks, it was time for goodbyes and the long trip home. After a stop at Denny's in McAlester in the wee hours, The Mighty Heads went to bed, separately of course, dreaming about how much fun they had experienced in the Big City! Thanks Miss Amy, we love you!

    Thanksgiving came and went with Lefty The Famous Kitty and Uncle RosCo stuffing themselves silly! Both have gained about 900 pounds apiece, and with more holiday eating to come, it looks like heavy will be in! Kitty Lefty was a bit disappointed when Uncle RosCo accidentally mistook his catnip for oregano and dumped the entire contents in the salad, but the sight of Uncle RosCo lying on the floor playing with a ball of yarn was enough for Lefty to forgive, but not necessarily forget! 

    This Saturday night, Mighty Rock And Or Roll will be a dished our like leftover turkey at THE ZODIAC in McAlester with RosCo And The Heads hitting the stage at about 9:30, so come on out and party with Carmen and the gang, keep sending those Denny's coupons, snake oil bottles, free car wash tickets, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


NOVEMBER 3, 2004-GOD BLESS TRASHY WOMEN! RosCo And The Heads partied harder than Forrest Gump at THE ZODIAC Halloweenie Party last Saturday night, and the trashy women were everywhere! However, unfortunately, the band discovered that a couple of these hot mamas were actually men in drag, so it is time to rethink our 'we will serve all trashy women in good time' policy! But everyone still had a great time, and it is probably safe to report that nothing extremely sick happened! Former Blak Kat Bone members Aaron Lalli and Robert Ott sat in for a few tunes, and the crowd grooved on their music! All in all, it was a pretty good Halloween, with sugar addict RosCo having free reign to the ultimate legal high, (candy!) while a cautious Ken and Steven trick or treated only at bars they knew, so that pretty much took most of the night! RosCo And The Heads will be back at THE ZODIAC on Nov. 20, to help Carmen and Larry celebrate their anniversary, so don't forget to come party with us all! 

      Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, the Famous Kitty Lefty is growing his winter coat and has stocked up on hot chocolate for the long winter ahead! Will we have a long and cold winter? The animals always seem to know! Lefty is a little disappointed that he did not get to participate in Election Day, as he is too young to vote. But his policy of sleeping twenty hours a day seems to make a lot of sense to me, and if he ever runs for office, I will have to consider voting his way! Lefty and RosCo in the White House? Scary, ain't it?

    A big THANK YOU to Nathan for sending in the 2004 Resin Head CD, 'Live Resin' to internet radio station HOT WIRE RADIO. COM! Mr. DJ played two tracks from the summer release, 'Resin Head Boogie' and the Elmore James cover, 'The Sky Is Cryin.' The Unsigned Artist show is available worldwide Mondays from 6 to 8pm central standard time, so support local music and HOT WIRE RADIO!

    This Saturday, from 3 till 5, RosCo And The Heads will be performing at The Farmers Market in McAlester, OK for Oklahomans For Independent Living Biker Poker Run! BBQ and good times will be the order of the day, and all proceeds go to the Children With Disabilities Christmas Party, so come out, harass The Resin Heads, and support a good cause!  Keep sending those emails, doughnut holes, turkey lay-away coupons, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


OCTOBER 29, 2004-HAPPY HALOWEENIE! RosCo And The Heads are preparing themselves for a rockin' good time at THE ZODIAC in McAlester, Oklahoma for the annual North Town Halloween Bash! But of course since All Hallows Eve is a Sugar Addicts' excuse to go bananas, Uncle RosCo has prepared five costume changes, so he can get in on the trick or treatin!'  Hope everyone will come down and PAR-TAY with us this Saturday night, we will have a good time with or without you, so keep those emails and candy canes coming, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

OCTOBER 7, 2004-AUTUMN ROCK AND OR ROLL TIME!- RosCo and The Heads jammed out big time at THE WET SPOT in Eufaula, Oklahoma last Saturday night, and a whole lot of fun was had by someone! Floyd Speir and Robert Smith were in the crowd, and they threw underwear and a Wal-Mart coupon at the band! YECH, coupons! Our old friend Bucket played the harp and asked for more monitor, but there were no monitors, so he was not given any more! Special guests were bass man Thomas Little and guitar god Aaron Lalli, so the night was filled with incredible sounds and a party like atmosphere, that mirrored an earlier time so many beverages ago! Ken Puma, the Detroit City Drummer and calculator operator, performed incredible feats of unconsciousness, and never missed a beat! Uncle RosCo, guitarist and tutu admirer, dazzled the crowd with his magic tricks and complete loss of saliva control! Thomas and Aaron pretended to not knowing the befuddled pair by posing as a pair of Hungarian tourists who had lost their way on a pilgrimage to the Krispy Kreme headquarters in North Carolina! What a fantastic good time!

    Autumn has arrived in Eastern Okie Land, and the leaves are turning and will soon be ripe enough to eat, if you are into that kind of thing. Lefty The Famous Kitty is staying out all night with his kitty friends, wreaking havoc and completely wrecking his usual banker hours time schedule! While Uncle RosCo has been known to stay out all night a time or two, he can't help but be a bit concerned with the famous feline and his nocturnal adventures. Is an intervention necessary? Is Lefty The Famous Kitty addicted to the night life? Are the Cubs ever going to make it to the playoffs? Wait 'till next year, again!

    This Saturday night promises to be a whole lot of fun as RosCo And The Heads prepare to rock and or roll out at PAM'S BAR & GRILL located on highway one in Hartshorne! It is also Hard Times Festival in Hartshorne this weekend, so come early and check out Main Street and all the goings on with the annual celebration of overcoming obstacles and another good excuse to eat! It looks like Thomas Little and Aaron Lalli will once again reprise their roles as Hungarian tourists, and sit in with the band, so keep sending that blog, remember to check your fridge for the little man that turns the light off and on, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


SEPTEMBER 14, 2004-OH KAYLA! RosCo And The Heads, the rockin' blues band that still does not need Viagra, partied with the crazy people at THE ZODIAC last Saturday night, in McAlester, Oklahoma! An enormous amount of sex, drugs, and rock and or roll was quite evident as the band played on to the crowd of 90, 000, give or take 90,030! Steven Ford, bass dude and shoeshine extraordinaire shocked the crowd by gutting a live tomato during the show, and the wrath of the semi-quasi militant group Vegetables Are Great In Nashville  America (VAGINA) is upon The Resin Heads! 'If we had gutted a true veggie like a bell pepper, maybe we would have gotten away with it.' commented a clearly disturbed Ken Puma, drum dude and owner of a Premier drum tuning key. 'But we had to risk the ire of the great tomato vegetable-fruit debate, and that is what got us into trouble!' claims RosCo, guitar player and village idiot! Steven Ford had no comment, but it looks like his vegetable statement days are over, stay tuned for more vivid tales!    

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, Lefty The Famous Kitty is busy with hairballs and nap time! It seems that the dust bunnies that live at The Blue House have disturbed the Famous Feline's sleep quite often, and he has taken to devouring the guilty culprits, which has led to trumped up murder charges in Dust Bunny Court, and invariably, hair balls. When Lefty made his initial appearance, he promptly ate the judge, so no problem with Dust Bunny Court anymore! But what about the hairballs? Will Lefty cough up the judge and have to face charges all over again? Hmm...

    This Saturday night will find the Mighty Heads partying at PAMELA MAE's BAR AND GRILL, located right here in Hartshorne, Oklahoma! The last jam we experienced at Pam's was one of the craziest times we have had with women using Uncle RosCo's mike stand as a strippers pole, so we hope to see more of that, and anything else the patrons want to through at us as well! The last weekend of September will see the band take a rest, but Oct. 2 will find them marching to Eufaula to party at THE WET SPOT! Keep sending those emails, parcels, chocolates, pumpkins, and don't forget, ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


SEPTEMBER 8, 2004-OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL AND FUNKY GOOD TIMES! The state of Oklahoma was a partying place Saturday night since the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State had both won their season opener football games, and with the Labor Day weekend in full swing, a celebration was just waiting to happen! Bronco, bass god, singer, Soul Train Dancer and leader of the Funky Mutha's, called RosCo in to jam with the band at The Wet Spot in Eufaula for a funkified great time! Uncle RosCo had to hang on for his dear musical life trying to keep up with the Funk And Soul of The Mighty Mutha's, but he hung in there and had a delightful second experience playing music with the Funky Mutha's! Boss of The Bar for that night was our good friend Karrie, who had Krazy Karrie Shots named after her by the ever fun loving patrons of the Wet Spot! Rock On Karrie!

    Happy Birthday to our esteemed bass man, Steven Ford who turned 29 again! Steven probably spent his special day playing video games, reading up on the latest news pertaining to 'Where's Waldo?' or he may have just slept in! Happy B-Day Steve, and Rock On! Lefty The Famous Kitty curled beside Uncle RosCo on the couch and watched the final episode of The Drew Carey show, tonight. We are going to miss our favorite Dilbert like comedian, so all the best to Drew and his crew!

    RosCo And The Heads are back at THE ZODIAC this Saturday night in McAlester, and the fun should be as amazing as ever! Kenny Puma, drum dude and pizza fanatic, spent this weekend up at the Blues Festival in Rentiesville, but he reported that he could not wait to party in North Town at THE ZODIAC this weekend! Steven Ford, bass player, and oyster bar partaker, also was excited about the gig adding, 'I can't wait to try out the senior citizens discount at Denny's after we rock out THE ZODIAC!' Uncle RosCo has packed extra vitamins (Wilma's and Betty's) so he can keep up with dancing women, so come on out, keep sending those emails, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



AUGUST 29, 2004-PARTY UNDER THE STARRY HARTSHORNE SKY! RosCo And The Heads, America's favorite Rock And Or Roll band partied hard for the home town crowd at Pamela Mae's Bar & Grill, on the patio and under the starry sky! Nudity, dancing, beverage participation, and other rudeness was quite abundant, and that was just from the band! The crowd dug the tunes of The Mighty Resin Heads, and one young female patron decided to use Uncle RosCo's microphone stand for a stripper's pole! "Gee whiz, that makes well over a thousand uses that the versatile microphone stand can be utilized for!" stammered drummer and Green Bay Packers fan Kenny Puma. "And don't forget,  the ever helpful mike stand can be used around the house and stretch your food dollar!' chides bass man and Nissan tail gate mechanic Steven Ford. RosCo, guitar picker and deli sandwich eater could only smile and exclaim, "I saw boobies!" Nothing like a Saturday night in Hartshorne, Oklahoma!

 It has been a fantastic summer for the band, and with Labor Day fast approaching, it is hard to believe that August is nearly over. After a well deserved Labor Day weekend break, September and October are booked solid, and the party will begin again! Make sure to get down with RosCo And The Heads Sept. 11 at THE ZODIAC in McAlester, Oklahoma, with Carmen and Candy and the rest of the crazies at our favorite North Town hangout! To the fans that sent the Krispy Creme donuts, all we can say is, 'TOO COOL!' And the rest of you, well get with the program and send goodies to The Blue House! We'll be glad you did!

    Our deepest sympathy to the family of Rockin John Henry, a true Oklahoma icon, and all around good guy. John introduced Blak Kat Bone at The Tulsa Blues Festival a few years back, and it was a great honor for myself personally to know that Rockin John Henry knew who we were! Thank you John, for your support of local music, you will be missed.

    For our UK friends, enjoy the bank holidays, and for us Yanks, please have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day! Keep sending those lipstick samples, doughnuts, good thoughts, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



AUGUST 17, 2004-SKINNY DIPPING TIME! Darling Nicki, groupie #785643 and 1/2 invited RosCo And The Resin Heads to a 3 am  skinny dipping party after the band had performed an incendiary set at THE ZODIAC last Saturday night! RosCo, guitarist and bacon lover had to politely decline citing, 'frequent inner ear infections and an early morning pottery class,' as his excuse.  Steven Ford, bass man and frequent heart burn experiencer, gave the following reasons for not attending: "I cannot go skinny dipping because I forgot to wear new socks and because 'Mannix' is on at 3 o'clock."  Kenny 'Wrong Way' Puma, drummer and pizza devourer eagerly accepted the invitation, but got lost on his way to the ol' watering hole, and had to settle for his rubber duckie and a garden hose! Maybe next time, Nikki! The band would love to thank Carmen and Candy and the rest of the rowdies at THE ZODIAC for such a great time, and hats off to Mike Lalli for sitting in and playing 'Red House' with Steven and RosCo, it was a smoking good time! The Heads are back at THE ZODIAC September 11, so all you locals make it a point to come on down and party with us in McAlester!

    This Saturday night will find the boys rockin' out at THE HIDEAWAY right here in Hartshorne, Oklahoma, so make sure and stock up on party favors and come party with The Resin Heads! It has been a long time since the band have actually performed in their home town, so new duct tape and chicken wire have been purchased and installed at the venue, since RosCo And The Heads are not as spry as they used to be, and can no longer dodge projectiles like they could in their youth. Hail, Hail Rock And Or Roll! 

    In music news, a brand new recording of the band from the Mid Summer Thunder Festival has been released to local radio, so ring up your station and ask them to, 'Play Me Some Resin Heads!' Unfortunately the compact disc is not available for sale and is a promotional item only because if you play the record backwards, you can hear the secret recipe of Colonel Sanders' eleven herbs and spices for his world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken! So call the radio, and tell them to, 'Play Me Some Resin Heads!'

    Remember to keep smiling, keep sending those emails, laundry tips, BBQ sauce recipes, assorted panty hose samples, unsolicited phone calls, pictures of naked women, and Wet-Naps, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! 

AUGUST 1, 2004-BLUE MOON ROCK AND OR ROLL!-RosCo And The Heads partied about as hard as they possibly could this weekend, and with two full moons in July, the craziness that ensued was even more, well, crazy! The first day of Mid Summer Thunder started off with the boys in the band arriving at The Blue House at nine in the morning, with Famous Kitty Lefty serving coffee all the while still in his bunny slippers, thank God for coffee! Then came the short fifty mile drive to Eufaula State Park, and RosCo And The Heads were able to catch Dewey playing on the Main Stage, so they rushed the stage and sang Christmas songs with the bewildered performer! A tearful Dewey reported, "Those guys can really play rock and or roll, but they just plain butchered those hallowed Christmas favorites!" After duct taping Dewey's mouth, hands, and feet, RosCo And The Heads performed their unique brand of Okie Rock And Or Roll for three bikers, Ron Branscum and Second Nature, (HEY RON!) and the Sound Crew. What a party!

    Saturday came way too early, and The Heads took the stage again at the crack of eleven AM. This time around, our good friend and pogo stick enthusiast Ronnie McVay was in attendance, and he instigated his own personal mosh pit, throwing his underwear at the band, and participating in morning ale consumption! When drummer Kenny 'Wrong Way' Puma was beaned by an errant athletic supporter, a general air of disgust was had by the Mighty Resin Heads, but they trooped on and continued like the crazy rockers that they perpetuate to be! Marie Puma, daughter of Ken, and nicknamed 'Devil Spawn' by her Uncle RosCo, took pictures of the band and chanted 'Ozzy!! Ozzy!' the entire time, so everyone had a great time. Brandon of Kick N Strings showed the band his 'man boobs' but the band was unimpressed! "Eat more ice cream, and maybe next year you can have a rack like mine!" advises guitar player and lawn mower hater RosCo. After their hour set, the band packed up and drove the ten miles necessary to perform their second gig of the day, at Zackary's Gourmet Grille, for the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce and Whole Hawg Day's Poker Run. Nestled in a marina next to Lake Eufaula, the band hauled their equipment through shark infested waters, and bass man Steven Ford lost a toe to one of the man eating monsters! Well, not exactly, but it was a long haul! The band got set up, played some songs, and the bikini clad attendee's partied down with RosCo And The Heads! When drummer Kenny 'Wrong Way' Puma was beaned by an errant bikini top, a general air of  AAWRIGHT! was the consensus of the Heads! Special thanks to Miss Sally of the chamber, and the lovely and talented Frank Kucish for allowing RosCo And The Heads to play Mighty Rock And Or Roll at his awesome party, Mid Summer Thunder!

    RosCo And The Heads will be back at one of their favorite party palaces, THE ZODIAC CLUB in beautiful McAlester, Oklahoma this Saturday night, August 7 at 9:30PM, so come party with us! Keep sending those emails, jack o' lanterns, 'I Brake For BBQ' bumper stickers, pizza coupons, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



JULY 22, 2004-OH THOSE HOT SUMMER NIGHTS! RosCo And The Heads had a smashing good time at the WET SPOT, just a hop and a skip from beautiful downtown Eufaula, Oklahoma, last Saturday night! More than a thousand people showed up, give or take 999, and the atmosphere was electric with Jeannie and Naomi and Lea cheering the band on! "Those girls sure know how to rock and or roll!" exclaimed bass dude and extreme grape jelly enthusiast Steven Ford. Kenny Puma showed up early, wandering the legendary bar naked to the waist, humming and chanting in order to complete a top secret Detroit Drummer Ceremony which included the sacrifice of several tambourines. "No need to thank me, with this ritual, I have absolved all evil from this place!" explains the Master Percussionist and part time voodoo witch doctor. RosCo, guitarist and botox for genitalia enthusiast commented, " I hope he absolved the Men's Rest Room as well , because last time I was in there, something evil was definitely going on!" Be very afraid!

    This will be an off weekend for the band, so they can rest up for the big festivities at MID SUMMER THUNDER which will be held July 30 and 31. RosCo And The Heads go on at eleven in the morning both Friday and Saturday, so make sure to set your alarm clocks for the rock and or roll that will ensue! Or, you could do what the band is going to do, which is never go to bed! See you there!

    Lefty the Famous Kitty has had some unfortunate fights as of late with one of his more demonstrative girlfriends. Love hurts, and Kitty Lefty has come in morning after morning with shiners, bruised lip, and torn ear.  BUT...he is still smiling, so it can't be ALL bad!

    More show dates have been added with a return to THE ZODIAC in early August and the grand opening of PAMELA MAE'S BAR AND GRILL in Hartshorne, Oklahoma in mid September, so get your rockin' boots shined and at the ready, cause the Heads are ready to party with you! Keep sending those girlie magazines, Trojan Man Coupons, Cubs T-Shirts, dimensions, and good thoughts, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


JULY 14, 2004-THIS PLACE IS SMOKIN!!!! RosCo And The Heads would love to thank all the crazy people at The Zodiac for a wonderful time, last Saturday night! Nude women, dancing on sombreros, bungee jumping, and assorted unmentionable mayhem was spotted throughout the legendary North Town watering hole, and RosCo And The Heads were quite delighted to be smack dab in the middle of the melee! "If I had known it was going to get this crazy, I would have not worn underwear!" quipped bass man and Cartoon Network devotee Steven Ford. Ken Puma, drummer and Fortune 500 magazine reader had this to say: "These people are CRAZY!" Uncle RosCo, litter box changer to the Famous Kitty Lefty commented, " Steven, is that my spider man underwear you are wearing?" There was a hot time in the old town that night!

    This Saturday night will be another great smokin' night for the gruesome threesome as they head up to Eufaula Land to play Mighty Rock And Or Roll and party with Frank, Jeannie, Tommy, and Karrie at THE WET SPOT on Texanna Road and 69 Highway! Of course the band will not let 'Wrong Way Kenny' drive the tour bus, so unless Steven or RosCo have another 'out of body experience caused by late night burritos,' the festivities should start around 9:30, so come on up and party with the Heads!

    Meanwhile, back at the Blue House, Der RosCo and Lefty The Famous Kitty have made a new friend in Mister Air Conditioner. With the July heat sizzling up, Mister Air Conditioner has proven to be the best 'Summer Santa Claus' that can be found! We love you, Mister Air Conditioner!

    Thank you so much for the cards, letters, emails, and tartar sauce you keep sending, keep 'em coming, Lefty says send more cat food, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


JULY 5, 2004-HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Lefty and RosCo celebrated the nation's birthday in the usual Okie way by overindulging in too much food and drink. It seems that now at the Blue House, all food is now considered 'cat food' and is subject to the approval of one Lefty The Famous Kitty! At last report, even under careful scrutiny, most all food qualifies as 'cat food!'

    RosCo spent the fourth of July sitting in with one incredibly bodacious bunch of musicians known as The Funky Mothers at The Wet Spot in beautiful Eufaula, Oklahoma! The women were crazy, the atmosphere was ecstatic, and RosCo held on for dear life as Dennis, Vince, and Bronco took him for the funkiest musical ride of his ice cream lovin' life! Thanks to The Funky Mothers for allowing RosCo so much fun on the fourth in 2004!

    In Resin Heads news, it seems that bass player and racquet ball owner Steven Ford has once again signed up to be a Resin Head! Steven had been on an archaeological expedition for the crafty and compelling skeet, but after a fruitless search, he decided to throw in the towel and get back into his bass boots, ready to rock and or roll! Welcome back, Steve!

    Kenny 'Wrong Way' Puma, drummer and obviously not the owner of any current maps of North America, found his way back to Oklahoma from Michigan, after stopping at a McDonalds, and being given a completed 'Help Kenny Find His Way Home' place mat by a New Jersey six year old child, who is on The Diary Of RosCo email list! "Oy heard about Ken's plight in dee chat wooms, so I figured I would get the guy a break, and send him back to Oklahoma." reports the six year old Jersey native. Hey thanks kid, for all the help!

    RosCo And The Heads will be back at The Zodiac Club July 10, this Saturday night, 820 North Main in beautiful downtown McAlester, so come on out and party with Carmen and the gang, and prepare for some smokin' rock and or roll! Keep sending those cards, letters, emails, and bacon coupons, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


JUNE 11, 2004-FEED THAT JUKEBOX, SPARKY!-RosCo And The Heads had a wonderful time at THE WET SPOT in Eufaula, Oklahoma last Saturday night! Drinks flowed, women showed their skin, the band kicked buttocks, and idiots fed the jukebox as RosCo And The Heads rocked out! "I hope we did not disturb any of those people." commented an obviously concerned Bass Man and college student John Seymour. "I believe some of the patrons thought it was nap time!" says Drum Dog and Michigan J. Frog enthusiast Ken Puma. RosCo decided to close his eyes while performing. "I dreamed I was back at the chicken hut eating leftover cracklin's and cole slaw, man what a fantasy!" The band can't wait to get back and party at The Wet Spot!!

     This Friday night, RosCo And The Heads return to Mary Jane's 1896 in McAlester, Oklahoma to share the stage with Oversoul and Cynical Theory! The festivities kick off at 9pm, so make make sure to have your party hats on and be ready to rock and or roll! But of course it just would not be a Resin Head gig without a little drama! Ken 'Wrong Way' Puma, drummer and obviously not an owner of a compass, left for Michigan last weekend, after the Eufaula gig. He found his bad self 14 miles from Tijuana, Mexico! After making a collect emergency phone call to his big brother, Super Dave, he got instructions on how to stay in North America and a stern lecture about mixing up north and south. As of this morning, John and RosCo have not heard from their drummer, and hope that he will return before all of the ice cream melts, and so we can jam out at the 1896! Will Ken end up in Canada? Will Ken have to call Super Dave again? Will John and RosCo be able to find the remote control? Find out in next week's exciting episode, and Rock On With RosCo!


MAY 3!, 2004-MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND ROCKS! Memorial Day weekend got off to a bang at The Blue House with Lefty and RosCo grilling hotdogs, hamburgers, and ice cream! Lefty had a great idea to charcoal ice cream, so I threw a couple of dips on the fire! What a mistake, I burnt my tongue and half my moustache off trying to lick the ice cream off of the grill, and it nearly put the fire out! Why don't they tell you these things on the carton, 'WARNING! DO NOT GRILL ICE CREAM! IF YOU DO, DON'T TRY TO EAT IT OFF THE GRILL! THIS MEANS YOU, ROSCO!

    Sunday night, ol' friend Aaron Lalli and RosCo traveled up to the eighth annual Memorial Day Jam at Rex's Texanna Lounge near Eufaula, Oklahoma to jam out and have a great time. For the first time in many moons, ex-Flash Back drummer Floyd Speir joined Thomas Little, Robert Smith, and saxophone maniac Destiny for a set of rock and or blues, not to mention Robert's incredible original music. Floyd Speir received a standing ovation from the crowd, and his drumming was as tight as ever, what fun! Master of Ceremonies Dennis Crouch and his wonderful band, along with a host of other great musicians made the night a night to remember and what a party! The women were dancing, Destiny was a playing her sax, the moon was nearly full, it was just a great time. Can't wait until next year!

      June 5 will see the return of RosCo And The Heads to THE WET SPOT in beautiful Eufaula, Oklahoma. John Seymour, bass man and crayon eater will be enjoying a sort of home coming, since The Wet Spot was one of the first places he jammed at upon arrival from California, trying to escape the evil empire of the tyrant, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! "Duh Arnold says I owe him some money for a 1967 Volkswagen stick shift, but I won it fair and square in a Old Maid poker game." explains the tall, pale, and blonde bass god. "So I had to flee for my life to Okie Land, and one of the first places that I got to play music at was The Wet Spot, where they have a very liberal view concerning import car parts. I will always be in debt to them for that." Brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? Ken Puma, drummer and shade tree mechanic commented, "So what did you do with the stick shift?" Find out in next weeks episode, and make sure to come to The Wet Spot and party with RosCo And The Heads this Saturday night at 9:30pm!


MAY 2, 2004-THEY'RE BACK!!! Faster than a speeding toe nail, able to leap tall dandelions in single bounds, reluctant to shop Wal-Mart alone, RosCo and The 'Heads are back in action! Der RosCo placed an ad in the local Lonely Heart Burn weekly, and two musicians responded, drummer Ken Puma, and bass man John Seymour! " I thought RosCo had a 305 engine block for sale!" says John, a former California Raisin and Matrix Trilogy Fan. "I was responding to an ad for antique gerbil clothing!" claims Ken, Detroit Lion enthusiast and pogo racer. RosCo quickly duct taped the feet of the musicians, and forced them to play mighty rock and or roll, and promptly booked the band for this Friday night, May 7, at The Zodiac Club in McAlesterville, Oklahoma! The Zodiac is located at 820 North Main, and has been the place of many a party, so come on out and flash the latest version of RosCo And The Resin Heads!

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, Lefty The Famous Kitty had taken ill after a bad reaction to sun tan lotion! Apparently 'SPF Liverwurst' is not good for felines, so the official kitty cat of Der RosCo rested up, took his meds, and is feeling much better now. Lefty reports, "Beware of putting too much emphasis on a good tan, kids! Stay off of hogs head cheese!" Amen, Kitty Lefty!

    So much fun was had at The Boogie Down Blues Show Anniversary Party, with Miss Amy, Lightnin' Lee, Michael Roberson, Guitar God Aaron Lalli, and Uncle RosCo providing musician duties! The after party at Mary Jane's 1896 included the same bunch of loonies with DigiTech Solutions computer man Joe on guitar as well as legendary keyboard man and sexual athlete Steve McGilberry! Jammin' John Peters performed his legendary soft shoe, and the house was rocked! Congratulations to John and Preston, we can't wait until next year!

    The summer of 2004 is shaping up to be a wild one with new band members, new underwear, and the same ol' rock and or roll attitude! Keep the faith, write soon, and Rock On With RosCo!


APRIL 12, 2004-ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY? Uncle RosCo, defender of dust bunnies and the hero of Lefty the Famous Kitty, especially around supper time, finds his bad self without a band yet again!. "This time I really thought it would work out because I showered and everything!' explains a down but not out Rockin RosCo. It seems that drummer Robert Ott has retired and moved to Venezuela to find God, and bass man Steven Ford has once again joined a snow cone cult in Western Arkansas! What drives the musicians that pass through Der RosCo's musical experience into relative insanity? Is RosCo actually a fiendish Republican type with super natural powers that can drain all the hopes and dreams out of the hopeful musicians' soul? Or is the legendary practice pad of our hero, The Blue House, a virtual Devil's Triangle For Music Folk? No matter what you think, or have heard, Uncle RosCo will kidnap, er I mean get some more people and rock and or roll WILL live again!  

    In other goings on, Uncle RosCo celebrated his 29th (again) birthday in March with his fateful companion, Lefty The Famous Kitty. Lefty had the dust bunnies wear hats and hold sparklers, but unfortunately the little critters caught fire and the house was clean, just like magic! All in all it was a great celebration, too much cake and ice cream was consumed, and it was another year older and none the wiser!

    All you locals need to tune in on on four twenty (that's April 20 for you other people) Rock 105, McAlester, Oklahoma, and listen to the Boogie Down Blues Show as Jammin' John Peters celebrates his fourth year on the air from four to six pm! Miss. Amy and Lightnin' Lee are the Master of Ceremonies with all kinds of special guests scheduled to stop by, and a special free after show party at Mary Jane's 1896 from 8pm until 10! John and his Radio Show with engineer extraordinaire Preston have debuted many of my songs as well as so many of the local area's talent, and we all wish him the best and continued success!  It will be a party on four twenty!

    The Easter bunny was gracious this year, but once again he was startled by Lefty The Famous Kitty; these two have bad blood, and one day it will not be pretty! Keep sending them cards and letters, pray to Heaven that Uncle RosCo will get a new bass player and drummer very soon, and Rock On With RosCo!

FEBRUARY 19, 2004-VALENTINE'S REVENGE! RosCo And The Heads were smitten by Old Man Winter and forced to cancel their much anticipated Valentine's Day Show in Mena, Arkansas after a bizarre chain of events seized the band and made them scream for their mamas! First off, snow fell from the heavens, which made a delirious Uncle RosCo think immediately of making snow ice cream! He grabbed a table spoon and his trusty popcorn bowl and took to the yard scooping up the white stuff to make his desert. Lefty The Famous Kitty could only look on in wonderment, and it is assumed that the famous feline is the one responsible for calling the authorities who came to the Blue House, and arrested our ice cream infected hero for 'gathering snow and manufacture of frosty treats while under the influence and being naked.' While Uncle RosCo denied he was under the influence of anything stronger than bacon, he could not explain his nudity, so off to ice cream jail he went! Meanwhile, over in Drum Land, Choctaw Lad and nocturnal VCR clock setter Robert Ott was dazzled by a vision of a man who appeared to him on a flaming burrito! As Robert was carried away on a stretcher, he could be heard moaning, 'I have to quit eating green chili mexican food at four in the morning!' So off Robert went to the burrito hospital! And what of Mighty Bass Player and secret Polka God Steven Ford? He was in the truck, ready to ride, when Lefty The Famous Kitty called him on his cell phone, and this freaked Steven out so bad, that he hid in the glove box until dawn! By the time Steven figured out that there were no gloves in the glove box, the night had been ruined, and no party was held with the good people of Mena, Arkansas. But there is always next time!

     In other news, 'Signs' is at number eight on the Australian MP3 charts in heavy rock! Visit by clicking HERE and listen to all the tunes that have been uploaded to the Land Down Under, and don't forget to fill out any reviews as well, your support is appreciated! It is such an honor to get so far up the charts in the land of the kangaroo while the band can't even get arrested in Oklahoma. Or can they?

    RosCo And The Heads hope to be back on the road soon, so all of you crazies visit us often, don't be shy about emailing your picture to the band, female only, please, and your support is appreciated! Don't forget to take your vitamins, gargle with something at least once a day, check your belly button for lint, email us when you can, and Rock On With RosCo!


FEBRUARY 10, 2004-WILL SPRING EVER GET HERE? The band known as RosCo And The Heads have been freezing their cabbages off in the winter of 2004, and springtime seems like it will never get here! 'I haven't experienced cold like this since the time I tried to get intimate with a snow-cone machine!' says RosCo The Horrible, original can opener keeper and six string slasher. 'Man, I know what you mean!' agrees bass boy Steven Ford. ' This cold reminds me of the ice cube enema accident of 1985 that went horribly wrong!' Drummer boy Robert Ott merely says, 'Brrrr!' 

    Meanwhile, down under, the band has uploaded three of their tunes to their Australian web site! You can click HERE and make sure you add comments to the 'review this artist' after you listen to three tracks from the 'Latimer County Line' CD, including 'SIGNS' 'WHAT'S GONNA BE' and 'SUPER THANG' featuring our good friend Miss. Amy. The Aussies have been good to this band, so write a review, and hug a kangaroo!

    Valentines Day will be celebrated with a rock and or roll attitude down in good ol' Mena, Arkansas this Saturday night when RosCo And The Heads travel to play music at The Eagles Ballroom! Saint Valentine quivers at the thought of the Okies invading Arkansas, but that is the way it goes, can't wait to party at the Eagles! Keep sending that scantily clad email, keep on supporting your favorite idiot from Oklahoma, send more egg rolls, and Rock On With RosCo!


JANUARY 20, 2003-PARTY AT THE 1896! RosCo And The Heads will be rockin' out big time at Mary Jane's 1896 in beautiful downtown McAlester this Saturday night, and preparations are underway to have some fun! The band first played the legendary McAlester club back in the heady days of 1994! Steven Ford, bass man and historical figure for the musical group explains, 'If you remember the nineties, you really weren't there!" Percussionist Robert Ott, who has never been to a tanning salon recalls, 'I was too young to vote in the early nineties, I had no job, no car, but I was in a band!' Uncle RosCo, guitar picker and secret polka lover affirms, 'I am pretty sure that I had an undying  love for New Coke and hushpuppies  in the nineties!' Ah, the mammaries!

    In other news and goings on, LATIMER COUNTY LINE, the debut CD from RosCo And The Heads has been selling at a snail's pace and madness has ensued. Good reviews have come from far and wide, and the Wichita Eagle-Beacon has proclaimed it, 'the best musical coaster of 2004!' The CD is available at Fast Tracks in Hartshorne, call (918) 297-2573 for your copy today! Reviews have been glowing, most of the remote area of The Blue House loves the album, and if you have a passion for blowing your hard earned cash, this CD is for you! Get your copy today, or dust bunnies will be harmed! (But not too bad, I have to converse with someone, ya know!)

    Former Resin Head drummer John 'Hound Dog' Larison passed away a few days ago, and the band would like to pay their respects. He was a great guy, a super drummer, and he will be missed. Steven and RosCo reminisced about making music with John, playing gigs in North Town, and having so much fun. A Music Man he was, he is, and always will be. Rest easy, Johnny.

    Gigs have been lining up for RosCo And The Heads, so catch us if you can, and buy a CD! The band is hawking it's debut CD on street corners, public rest rooms, the interstate, Los Angeles, and at every gig they play, so buy a CD! The Heads have the 1896 gig, a private party somewhere in Idaho the last day of January, then the first weekend of February will find the band jamming with Miss. Amy in Oklahoma City, whoo-hoo, can't wait to party with that crazy gal! Then it is back to Mena, Arkansas for a Valentine's Dance with the crazy people of the Eagles Ballroom, so catch the band if you can, and why not buy a CD? Keep sending those scantily clad pictures of household appliances, peanut coupons, and Volkswagen Manuals, and Rock On With RosCo!


JANUARY 2, 2004-IS IT LEGAL TO HAVE THIS MUCH FUN? RosCo And The Heads had a rockin' New Years Eve Ball with the crazy people at The Eagles Club in Mena, Arkansas and what a time it was! Conga lines, flashers, dirty dancing, square dance calling, breast viewings, and G-string madness was just a small portion of the debauchery that took place! The band partied about as hard as humanly possible, and then pushed the super human limits with help from the grand patrons of Mena Party Central, and then the festivities continued into the wee hours at a motel room or two! RosCo, the six string idiot and vocal opponent of cheap T-shirt production,  celebrated in his usual classy way by ordering two scoops of Mocha Almond ice cream at the local Baskin-Robbins! Steven Ford, bass player and cinnamon stick owner rang in the New Year with a new pillow, and Robert Ott, king of broken drum sticks and Taco Bell partied with leather! This band knows how to rock and or roll! The good people of Mena know how to party, and these rock and roll dogs can't wait to get back and party down yet again!

    Absolutely no resolutions have been allowed at The Blue House this year, as resolutions seem to have a way of going out the door any way in a matter of hours after midnight, New Years Day! Lefty The Famous Cat still thinks he is the Lord Of Space and Time, Uncle RosCo still stares blankly at the television set and wonders when Bugs Bunny is going to come on, and the lawn has not been mowed all winter long! Since it is a New Year, it is hoped that a certain amount of control can be wrangled over the growing Dust Bunny population, but this will be probably be difficult since Lefty has made playmates with some among the throng, and is on a first name basis with a few of the  females. Sometimes Uncle RosCo does not want to know what goes on behind closed doors at The Blue House!

    Rock 105 DJ John Peters has been promoting 'Latimer County Line' the CD from RosCo And The Heads, and we sure appreciate him! An official CD release party is set for Jan. 24 at Mary Jane's 1896 in McAlester, and the band is booking dates for 2004! England and France have not decided yet if RosCo And The Heads will tour their respective countries this year, but Mena, Arkansas wants them back, and we can't wait to party with the lesbians of Polk County! Keep sending that good ol' email, lettuce coupons, marriage proposals, and Vitamin C, and Rock On With RosCo!