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DECEMBER 28, 2003-CHRISTMAS WAS A ROCKIN' GOOD TIME!!! The Blue House was hit hard by good ol' Saint Nick, and RosCo and The Famous Kitty Lefty made out like bandits! A new leather chair, a new microwave for the bathroom (don't ask) blankets, Homer Simpson underwear, and ice cream gift certificates were just some of the great loot that was taken in with gusto and glee! Lefty received three new play toys, which promptly disappeared under the couch so an expedition will be launched in early January, since under the couch is the land of the Mighty Dust Bunny, and Lefty and RosCo must be prepared! Robert Ott, drummer for The Heads, got to spend some time with the local Santa Claus. "I was disappointed that Santy would not allow me to sit in his lap!" reports Robert. "Bummer, dude!" is all Steven Ford, mighty bass man had to say about the ordeal! All in all, it was a great Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus!

    The new CD, LATIMER COUNTY LINE, is complete! The debut CD from RosCo And The Heads is available online or for you locals, at FasTrack Video/Republic Insurance 1118 Penn in Hartshorne, OK! The band will be selling them at their shows as well, so come on out and party with us, and buy a CD! Audio clips will be available online soon, so watch out for that as well! An official CD release party will be held January 24 at Mary Jane's 1896 in McAlester, Oklahoma, so we can't wait to be official! As a matter of fact, I don't think Robert, Steven, or I have ever been official before, so you could say we are tickled pink to be official! 

    A wonderful time was had at The Zodiac Club. Former band mate Aaron Lalli sat in, and wowed the crowd with his guitar prowess and Play-Dough artistry! Also on hand was bass player extraordinaire Thomas Little, who wowed the crowd with his mastery of the fretless five string bass and crotch puppet stories! But partying on a school night was hard on the Heads, so it will probably be awhile before the lads will make mayhem on a Wednesday night again. But you never know when RosCo And The Heads may just throw caution to the wind, and let loose with another Hump Night Celebration!

    Speaking of celebrations, RosCo And The Heads are ready to rock Mena, Arkansas Dec. 31 at The Eagles Ballroom/American Legion for a fantastic New Years Eve party! The good people of Mena are CRAZY, and the band can't wait for an incredible time! But as a precaution, the boys in the band have had booster shots and have been taking their vitamins to keep up with the party people, and especially for the crazy women! Happy Holidays, and Rock On With RosCo!  


NOVEMBER 29, 2003-TURKEY PIZZA? The Blue House has lately been the place of disturbing culinary experimentation as Lefty and RosCo try to get rid of the bird formally known as turkey! The turkey milkshakes were a disaster, and it may take weeks to scrape the fowl slurry off the ceiling fan and curtains, and Lefty got very dizzy riding the cranberry sauce! But all in all, we are thankful for paper towels and strong detergent, and Mom's blueberry pie!

    Steven and RosCo played music down at Mary Jane's 1896 on November 21, and only 896 people got up and walked away! There were about ten people who happened to be waiting for RosCo to work on their computer's, since he had told him that the 1896 was his 'shop!' But entertainment was provided, and Michael Roberson cooks a great hamburger, so Steven and RosCo left merry. Robert Ott showed up, without his drums, but Steve sang Happy Birthday to him anyway, and a special celebration it was! Don't forget that the 'Heads will be back next year at Mary Jane's 1896 on Jan. 24 for a CD release party! Be there or be square!

    Speaking of CDs, the band has been busy working on their first album, and the night before Thanksgiving saw our good friend Miss. Amy at the Blue House recording with the guys for a track called 'Super Thang' which will be on the aforementioned CD! It was fun partying with Miss. Amy again, and the track she recorded was Smokin, we can't wait for you to hear it! All you locals, tune into Jammin' John's Boogie Down Blues Show Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm till 6pm for a listen! Other tracks are being recorded even as we speak, and once again, thanks to Miss. Amy for being part of our album!

    RosCo And The 'Heads are back at The Zodiac in McAlester December 3 for a Wednesday Night Hump Night! The 'Heads are not usually out so late on a school night, but Miss Carmen wanted us on that night, so we are rockin and a rollin on Hump Day! If you are in the neighborhood, come party with us, don't forget to buy us all a Christmas gift, and Rock On With RosCo!

NOVEMBER 16, 2003-CHECOTAH ROCKS! RosCo and The Resin Heads were part of the fund raising efforts to benefit Floyd Speir Sunday afternoon, and the crowds were...entertained! After getting lost in Checotah, the band found the Community Center, and were invited to a craps game taking place in the parking lot. After losing most of their earthly possessions and most of next weeks laundry money, the Resin Heads were finally ushered into the venue, and asked to perform polka music for the attendees! Steven Ford had left his trusty tuba back in  Wilburton, so the boys hastily assembled paper combs, and wowed the audience with their interpretations of music! A few folks were overheard saying, 'What the blazes is a Resin Head?' Still others wanted to know if this event was a benefit for Floyd Speir, or a benefit for 'them boys on stage who need music lessons!' What a  great time! All in all, it was a great turn out, and many people obviously love and support Floyd Speir in his time of need. Get well soon, Silky!

    Meanwhile, back on November 8, the band journeyed down to Mena, Arkansas to party with the great folks at The Eagles Ballroom! Of course, it just wouldn't be a road trip without getting lost, and the boys found themselves precariously close to the Louisiana border, only minutes before show time! Luckily, Robert Ott utilized his tracking skills, got the band to the hall on time, and the Resin Heads smoked Mena! The good people of The Eagles Club were professional party people, much fun was had, and RosCo would like to personally thank Tracy  for the dirty dancing, and Sheree for her G-string presentation! The Resin Heads can't wait to party in Mena soon enough!

    This Friday night will find RosCo and Steven at Mary Jane's 1896 in McAlester, OK for a semi-acoustic night. This intimate kind of setting gives Robert a much needed break from beating on things and allows RosCo and Steven the chance to goof around with their campfire songs, a side of the band that not too many people are aware of. If you are in the proximity, come on down and be aware! The band hopes to get some studio time in as well this week and weekend per their soon to be released CD. The band is back at The Zodiac Dec.3, Lefty the Famous Cat is developing his winter coat quite well, (HAIR BALL TIME!) keep those emails, salad croutons, chicken seasonings, and cash coming, and Rock On With RosCo! 


NOVEMBER 2, 2003-THERE WAS A PARTY IN McALESTER! RosCo And The Resin Heads had quite a time at The Zodiac Club in McAlester, Okie Land last Saturday night. The women were crazy, and two of the ladies put on an 'exhibition' of various wrestling moves, especially for the band! "I am so excited!" exclaimed Steven Ford, bass man extraordinaire, upon viewing the aforementioned  tussle! Robert and RosCo also were titillated about the 'exhibition' and many other patrons were as well! The band were proud to create such an environment ripe enough to create hair pulling, blouse removal, and bra strap 'poppin! Who knew that the music of The Resin Heads could be utilized for scrappin'? Of course the law enforcement community showed up shortly thereafter, and each Resin Head and patron were on their best behavior, conversing in clipped British accents against a background of light classic rock, all the while sipping soft drinks and ale and munching on popcorn! What a classy joint!

    On a much more serious note, Steve Ford and RosCo traveled to Eufaula Friday night to visit with ailing drummer Floyd Speir who was aided by The Mighty Flash Backs leader, Sonny Reese. Floyd, drummer for the Flash Backs, had a tumor removed from his stomach region in mid October, and will have to undergo aggressive chemotherapy treatment to beat the cancer. It was a time out in the mad capped world of rock n roll as some tender moments were spent with the ailing percussionist, and Steve and Ross are convinced that if anyone can beat the Big C, it is drummer extraordinaire Floyd Speir! A benefit is planned for Sunday, November 16 1pm until 6pm at the Checotah Community Center in Checotah, OK. The Resin Heads have committed to perform at the show, and any one else who wants to come in and jam are encouraged to attend and raise funds to help with the cost of treatment. Donations are being accepted as well and can be sent to Floyd Speir Fund, P.O. Box 712, Checotah, OK 74426. Come on out if you can, and keep a good man, Floyd Speir, in your thoughts and prayers.

    RosCo And The Resin Heads are off to rock and/or roll at The Eagles Ballroom in Mena, Arkansas this Saturday night, and they just can't wait! With the leaves turning, it is a beautiful drive through eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas, and the band is truly thankful to be able to travel and perform for their audience. Keep those positive thoughts, and Rock On With RosCo!


OCTOBER 26, 2003-HALLOWEEN IS COMING! Well, as you all may or may not have presumed, RosCo has been been getting himself involved into another music project. The Mighty Flash Backs seem to have gone the way of New Coke, the mullet, and Rubik's Cube, but you never know when and/or if they'll raise their blessed pointed little heads again! And having time on his hands and unlimited oodles of stupidity at his disposal, 'ol RosCo has convinced two former band mates to reform 'RosCo And The Resin Heads!' Steven Ford on bass and vocals, and Robert Ott, formerly of Blak Kat Bone on drums and percussion, along with RosCo on vocals and guitars completes the classic lineup of the Resin Heads from the early 1990s. All members of the newly reformed group are excited, a little older, a little confused, but still hungry to rock and/or roll! 

    Plans for a 'Resin Head' CD are in the works, and a Christmas time release seems threatening! 'What's Gonna Be' is the first song on the CD, and was debuted on the Boogie Down Blues Show with John Peters early last week. Click HERE for an in process demo of the song!

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, Lefty The Famous Cat has been caught off guard with the invasion of above stated rock and/or roll personnel. Lefty does not care for the loud noise, laughing and joking, and strange vibe that permeates his domain when the band is assembled as it reminds the famous feline of RosCo going to the bathroom early in the morning to do his business! Lefty and his resilience will prevail, and soon he will be used to the sonic disturbance, just like it used to be.

     RosCo And The Resin Heads will be performing at The Zodiac located at 820 North Main in McAlester, Oklahoma on November 1, the day after Halloween! The band has promised to leave it's costumes on from the nights' previous prowl of candy collection! Of course, any candy donated to the band, especially of the female persuasion is actively encouraged! All you locals come on out and party, prepare for a late Saturday night, and Rock On With RosCo   

AUGUST 25, 2003-WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN? The Mighty Flash Backs have enjoyed a three week vacation, off to new places, shopping, sightseeing, ink pen testing, and the good ol' nap time! But make haste, The Flashers are back at The Wet Spot on Texanna Road in Eufaula, Oklahoma this Saturday and Sunday 8 pm Aug.30-31 for a Memorial Day Weekend blowout! Festivities will begin earlier since it is an end of summer bash, and The Flashers are chomping at the bit, ready to rock and or roll! Hide your hotdog tongs! 

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, Lefty The Famous Kitten and I have been trying to keep cool under the air conditioner. I was walking around with no clothes on, to keep cool, but Lefty insisted that I cover myself, or he would be compelled to hurl! Knowing full well that an upchucked Nine Lives Super Supper is not a pretty sight, I have complied and things are back to normal. Well, as normal as things can be around the infamous Blue House.

    July was a lot of fun, and getting to play Mighty Rock at The Mid-Summer Thunder Festival was as good as it gets! The bikers, biker babes, bands, burritos, burnt bananas, booze, bandannas, burps, and toe nail contests were craziness intensified! I can't wait until next year!

    It has been a great summer for rock and roll, and I can't believe that summertime is almost gone for 2003. But a rockin' good Autumn and Winter is right around the corner, so keep those email and cards comin' and Rock On With RosCo!

JULY 20, 2003-ANY BRISKET LEFT? The Mighty Flash Backs had a great weekend first at The Wet Spot Friday night, and then again Saturday night at T and J's Ice House! Friday night saw the usual debauchery with crazy women, partying, and rock and roll! Saturday night, it was party under the stars with plenty of smoked brisket, beans, slaw, and all the fixin's, plus insane dancing and the rising dust of a hot July night in Oklahoma! The 'late' Floyd Speir, drummer and Victoria's Secret philosopher reported to the bandstand that 'the beans are awesome, dudes!' RosCo, never one to trust a drummer, had to sample the aforementioned legumes to confirm, and confirmations numbered profusely!  Sonny, guitar and bass aficionado bypassed all proteins such as bean and brisket, and instead went for the chocolate cake! The Mighty Flash Backs were even able to perform some music, in between all of the eating and assorted caloric intake!

    Vince Rudman from The Rubber Band joined The Mighty Flash Backs on their fourth of July shindig at The Wet Spot for some rousing rock and roll! Vince and RosCo used to ride the range together down on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma dispensing the gospel of rock and roll to the poor impoverished heathens of country music. More than a few times they were threatened with in an inch of their lives, but fast talking and fresh tennis shoes have always saved the day! It was good seeing you and jamming with you, Vinny, to find out more about The Rubber Band, email Vince by clicking HERE!   

    This week and weekend will be a busy one for The Mighty Flash Backs with the Mid-Summer Thunder Rally going on and Whole Hawg Days in Eufaula, Oklahoma! Come on down and party with us, keep sending those emails and cheese of the month coupons, and Rock On With RosCo!

JULY 15, 2003-HAPPY LATE INDEPENDENCE DAY, YA'LL! The Mighty Flash Backs enjoyed a crackin' Fourth Of July at The Wet Spot located on beautiful Lake Eufaula complete with dancing women and saluting band members! One young female climbed onto the stage and sang 'I Saw Her Standing There' with an amazed Sonny, while the rest of the Mighty Flashers grinned and rocked on! The young lady was off-key, but very delighted to share the stage with her heroes, 'KC and the Sunshine Band!' Of course, thanks to Monday morning quarterbacking, it is safe to say that the fun loving patron may have been making judgment influenced by beverages other than Dr. Pepper. But in her jubilant mind, she was partying with 'KC and the Sunshine Band.' Rock on, baby!

    The Mighty Flashers had a well deserved weekend off after Independence Day, and well rested they are, ready to rock and or roll at  T and J's Ice House located on Number 9 landing, July 19! Fun is sure to be had, and since it is outdoors, a good Okie July night of partying will be the theme! The Late Floyd Speir, drummer and tomato god has invested in a bag of penny rollers, in case the band cleans up on tips. 'If I dream we get tipped, it CAN come true!' explains the optimistic percussionist. Fact is, the last time any of the members of The Mighty Flash Backs experienced 'tipping', it was the direct result of playing music too close to the deodorizer fumes coming out of bathrooms at Frank's Wet Spot Bar! 'Wow, I really got off that night!!' says a reminiscing RosCo.    

    Lefty The Famous Kitten will see his kitten days pass on as he is fast approaching his first birthday, Sept. 1! I have been thinking about his party, and his presents, but it is hard to prepare for the kitty that already has everything. These days, with the hot summer upon us, the air conditioner tends to be our best friend, with Mr. Refrigerator coming in a close second! 

    Come party with the band if you can, thanks for all of the popsicle sticks you have all sent our way, keep them emails coming, and Rock On With RosCo!         

JUNE 22, 2003-SUMMER TIME IN OKIE LAND! The roasting season is upon us here in Oklahoma, and I just can't wait to hear the sizzling of my ice cream enhanced body fat, cooking in the summer swelter! Steven Ford, master bass player for The Mighty Flash Backs, and part-time mariachi vendor, fled south to Texas to, 'get away from the heat!' I think he meant to go north, but he'll figure it out one of these days. With our bass player AWOL, The Flash Backs are down to a trio, so last Friday night at The Wet Spot located on the outskirts of beautiful downtown Eufaula, a good time was parlayed, but the experience was not as powerful as it could have been! Patrons were curious as to why 'them two fat boys keep switching between a four string and a six string guitar.' Sonny and I explained that the bass or four string, weighed 'exactly 453 pounds' and could only be held for 45 minutes at a time. One patron smart mouthed,  'I guess that is how you all sing so high, ya'll must have hernias!' Another drunken wiseacre cracked, 'That drummer boy looks wiry, why not let him hold it up for a while?' Entertaining the drunken masses is always entertaining!

   Lefty The Famous Kitten is fighting off the summer weather by sleeping in front of the air conditioner! The Famous Feline wants sunglasses, but I keep telling him he looks 'too cool' already. If I could teach Lefty how to mow the grass, I would be in good shape, but he is afraid of anything that makes more noise than the air conditioner. He has done his regular duty of using the lawn for his litter box, as I have accidentally hit a few of his 'packages' with the mower, which sends the neighbors scrambling for cover, and they often shake their fists and mouth something toward my way. Don't they know I can't hear what they say over the noise of the lawnmower? 

    The Mighty Flash Backs are back at The Wet Spot June 28, so everyone come on down and party! The summer promises to be a good one, and we hope we can party with as many of you as possible! Keep those emails and Omaha Steak coupons coming, and Rock On With RosCo!


MAY 22, 2003-ROAD TRIP! Sonny and RosCo, the 'heavy half' of The Mighty Flash Backs took a road trip to Muskogee, Oklahoma last week, in search of gigs, paper clips, and to see if the rumor that Popeyes Chicken had opened a store in the area! Lo and behold, Popeyes was found, pillaged by the Half Flashers, and declared, 'Yummy!' The other tasks just seemed to fall by the wayside after 'lunch' but nevertheless, the trip was quite a success! A trail of chicken bones were left so we could find our way back, but I am pretty sure I could find the place blind folded!

    The Mighty Flash Backs are back in beautiful Eufaula, Oklahoma for the Memorial Day Week End Rock And Roll Party. It all starts on Saturday and will end sometime Monday morning in the wee hours, should be a blast for sure! Lefty The Famous Kitten is preparing to have A Kitty Kat Bash at The Blue House this weekend, knowing full well that I will be away. As I came home from work today, delivery men were busy with catnip, balls of yarn, and kitty litter, so I cringe to think of the damage that will be done to The Blue House, May God Protect Her!

    Wednesday Night Jam Night went well with Latimer County Legend Cotton in attendance, as well as Robert Ott on drums, and Steve Ford on bass. Viewing of National Geographics, water sipping, and Allman Brothers Music, were the themes of the night, and fun was the word! I hope to jam more with the guys, maybe we'll get together in a year or two, again, can't wait!

    Keep sending the spam, everyone have a safe Memorial Day Weekend, and Rock On With RosCo!


MAY 9, 2003-WHERE'S THE BEEF? The Mighty Flash Backs were AWOL last weekend, canceled at the last minute because of too many green M&Ms! 'Absolute chaos!' is how Cliff Legend, local pub enthusiast described the scene at New Horizons Club in McAlester, Oklahoma. 'I was quite prepared for a rocking good evening with The Flash Backs, when it was announced that the band had been in a dispute with the aforementioned candy treat  and thus had to cancel.' reports Cliff Legend. 'I was so distraught, that I drank more ale!' Apologies to The Ledge and our dozens of other fans, we our so sorry that our candy etiquette takes precedence! But never fear, The Mighty Flash Backs are rockin' at The Wet Spot/Hot Spot this Saturday night in Eufaula, OK, and back at New Horizons June 6-7!

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, home of 'That Fresh Tom Cat Smell,' RosCo and Lefty are having Spring Time Adventures including and/or not limited to lawn mowing, Litter Box emptying and refilling, shorts, sun tan lotion, ice tea, and haberdashery. Lefty has quite a harem, and I am extremely jealous of his 'kitty friends.' They have a tendency to wail all night and sleep all day. Lefty has figured out how to awake me from deep slumber in order to get back in the house by phoning, claiming to be Art Linkletter, and informing me that I have won a delivery truck full of ice cream, which is waiting for me as we speak. It works every time!

    A jam was scheduled for last night, but we lost the drummer! Steven Ford and I have lost many drummers both on our own and together, but this will be the latest! Tune in and find out if we can find that darn ol' drummer, keep sending them emails and hamburger coupons, and Rock On With RosCo!!!

APRIL 23, 2003-HAPPY LATE EASTER! Steve Ford and Yours Truly made it to The Wet Spot in beautiful Eufaula, Oklahoma last Saturday night, but only after sparring with tornadic activity on the interstate! After a change of underwear, the show went on without a hitch as The Mighty Flash Backs took the stage, and entertained the half dozen or so party goers in attendance! An obviously lost Japanese tourist turned into a Kamikaze as he tried to squelch the noise made by The Flashers by hurling himself at the stage. Fortunately, the chicken wire broke his fall, and Frank the owner of the Wet Spot thought it was all a part of the show, and he booked The Mighty Flash Backs April 26, so come party with the band and the accidental tourist, starting at 10pm!

    The Third Anniversary Boogie Down Blues Show was a smashing success as Blak Kat Bone, Miss Amy, and Lonnie Lay laid waste to the Rock 105 studios, conveniently located in the rest rooms of the McAlester Wal-Mart. "Man, the echo in here is GREAT!" commented Aaron Lalli, lead guitarist and occasional dobro enthusiast. While the band took a break, Miss Amy went shopping, and got pop tarts for everyone! BBQ and beverages were the order of the day, and everyone had a great time live on the air, while station engineer Preston lay helplessly bound and gagged on the tiles. Host John Peters exclaimed, "I can't WAIT until next year!" Party On, Baby!

    Spring is in the air, and Lefty The Famous Kitten has a girlfriend. After sitting Lefty down, and giving him the dreaded sex talk, I let him out the door, worried like the frazzled parent I have become. Lefty did not return until 7am the next morning, and I was waiting for him, ready to chew him out for making me worry so. But the feisty feline brought me donuts, so I let it slide. : )

    The Mighty Flash Backs are as mentioned back at The Wet Spot April 26 in Eufaula, and then back at New Horizons Club May 2-3, in McAlester, so all you locals come on out and support local music! Keep sending them emails and turkey feathers, and Rock On With RosCo!

APRIL 8, 2003-MORE MAYHEM! Empty beverage containers litter the floor. Smoke is still in the air. The general feeling is that something horrific happened in this place. What happened? Did anyone survive?  Are you painting a mental picture of another episode of, 'Lefty The Famous Kitten Visits The Litter Box?!' Or are you kicking yourself because you missed the Mighty Flash Backs?

    The Mighty Flash Backs had another fantastic time with the usual cast of idiots down at New Horizons Club in McAlester, Oklahoma last weekend. The band regaled the patrons with mighty rock and roll, and some of the inebriated crowd actually noticed! Of course, some folks did run screaming from the bar holding their hands over their ears and screaming, 'I hear noises in my head!' This happens from time to time, and The Mighty Flash Backs would like to apologize to those affected in this way, but those people have never been seen or heard from again! Go Figure!

    Matt Wood and Raw Hide were in the crowd, cheering, and throwing fresh toilet paper at the band! Thanks guys, we really needed that! Bring them four packs, six packs, even 12 packs to every Flash Back show, and it will be appreciated!

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, Lefty The Famous Kitten is now all grown up, and tending the garden! If I can just teach him how to mow the lawn, I will be very happy, but I doubt it will happen, as he never got used to the vacuum cleaner inside of the house. Lefty is quite content in gardening. He seems to really like the wild onions and fertilizer.

    The Boogie Down Blues Show With John Peters is celebrating its Third Anniversary April 15 on Rock 105 in McAlester, so tune in for the reformation of Blak Kat Bone! The Boners have decided to perform live on the air in honor of the milestone, and joining them will be local  keyboard maniac Steve McGilberry and other guests! So, all you locals tune in and support the local band scene, keep sending those emails and money orders, and Rock On With RosCo!

MARCH 17, 2003-HAPPY SAINT PADDY'S DAY, YA'LL! I awoke to great pain this morning as Lefty The Famous Kitten reeked havoc on my non green wearing buttocks! It was dark when I put on my jammies, and instead of wearing St. Patrick Green, I was wearing Spider Man! Lefty is quite adept at pinching and I will never make that mistake again! The Lefty One experienced his first thunderstorm the other night, as Spring is springing in Okie Land, and the little guy filled his litter box to the top! I had better stock up on the kitty litter, because it is going to be a long spring!

    The Mighty Flash Backs are at Snappy Mac's Sports Bar in beautiful downtown Big Cedar, Oklahoma March 22, this Saturday Night at 9PM. I have played this bar many times with many different bands, but this will be the first gig with The Flash Backs. I wonder if I should tell the band about the crazy women, lax attitude, well water, and the 'watch out for flying beer bottles' rule? Nah, they are big boys, they'll figure it out! Upcoming gigs promise to be a busy year for the Mighty Flash Backs, and I will try and dedicate a link on this web site very soon, so watch out!

    April 15 will be the third anniversary for the Boogie Down Blues Show, and I can't wait to party with Jammin' John and help celebrate! Many special guests will be on the show, so all you locals get ready for the broadcast! Keep sending them emails and fried chicken coupons, and Rock On With RosCo!   

MARCH 8, 2003-PARTY ON, GARTH!! The Mighty Flash Backs had a whale of a time at New Horizons Club last weekend! Sonny was 'deliriously happy,' Floyd was 'flabbergasted,'   Steven was 'mesmerized,' and Ol' RosCo was 'happy!' The local band scene was in evidence as Triple Threat members Aaron Lalli and Tom Little sat in on a couple of songs, and old buddies like Beetle, Fibsh, Cherish, and Mindy, Donald Duck and Goofy were wowed with every note! One reveler, whose identity is only known to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir exclaimed, "My life is complete now that I have partied with The Mighty Flash Backs.!" Another attendee exclaimed, "I don't think we are in Cleveland anymore!" And yet still another revealed, "I KNEW I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque!"   What an amazing night!

    It looks like Steve Ford will join The Mighty Flash Backs on bass and backing vocals. Of course Steve and RosCo have had all kinds of adventures together in various bands over the years, and they really can't wait to have new ones! You can get Flashed With The Flash Backs March 22 at Snappy Mac's in beautiful downtown Big Cedar, Oklahoma if you want to have a gaze at the Mighty Flashin' Men! Come On Down!

    Lefty The Famous Kitten has worked his way up as well, booking the band, and faxing the local grocery with the usual items of 'cat food' and 'cat litter.' He also ordered tuna pizza from the local pizza place, but they just don't carry that item...yet!

    Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, and next time try packing the ice cream in dry ice, it doesn't melt as fast that way! Our poor mail man was very sticky, as well as the rest of the parcels, so next time, dry ice, baby! Rock On With RosCo!


FEBRUARY 12, 2003-WHAT A WEEKEND! The Mighty Flash Backs tore 'em up at The New Horizons Club in beautiful down town McAlester Friday and Saturday nights! Many local celebrities were in attendance including Ronald McDonald, Bozo The Clown, and Scooby Doo! And local bands Blue Zebra and Triple Threat were represented, until they were shooed out the door for excessive belly dancing! Tom Little sat in on bass guitar, freeing Sonny and RosCo to try and remember the guitar! Patrons were caught up in all of the chaos, the women were crazy, old friendships were renewed, and a splendid evening was held by all! The Mighty Flash Backs are back at New Horizons Feb. 28 and March 1, the latter date being the 29th (AGAIN) Birthday Party for Uncle RosCo, so all you locals come on out and help Uncle RosCo celebrate, bring ice cream!

    Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, The Famous Kitten Lefty has been grounded from the computer for looking up Kitty Porn on the internet! I was shocked and sickened when I figured out what my young feline was up to, and I could not buy his explanation that the files were, 'for a class project' when I know full well that he is only five months old, and too young for school! What kind of idiot does Lefty think I am?

    Valentine's Day is this Friday, so I will celebrate in my usual way, which is total ignorance. All though I do not have a sweetie, I do believe in true love, but I think my invitation got lost in the mail! Can I blame the Post Office for my rotten love life? Hmm... Got some great emails from some fans in California commenting on my music. I really appreciate every one for being so kind to me, and I welcome any kind of input that you can think of. So keep those emails, parcels, cookie recipe's, gift certificates, and good vibrations coming, and Rock On With RosCo!


JANUARY 25, 2003-SUPER BOWL EVE!! Lefty The Famous Kitten and I have been preparing ourselves for tomorrow evening when we will watch the Super Bowl and yet have another reason for consuming junk food and root beer. But music is also on the agenda, for later on in the week, The Mighty Flash Backs will have a practice session of sorts at the infamous Blue House! It seems that the 'Backs were accidentally booked at a tavern in McAlester, so all you locals, come see The Mighty Flash Backs at The New Horizons Club, formerly The Blue Diamond, at 820 North Main in McAlester, Oklahoma Feb. 7 & 8! Lefty The Famous Kitten is still too young to get into clubs, but I promised I would bring him home a beer coaster, which he will probably scratch to pieces with those claws of his!

    A good friend of mine passed away this week. Grant Mabry was kind, considerate, and had a great sense of humor. He was a fellow musician, and he even had Blak Kat Bone come out to his ranch and entertain one lovely evening. He proclaimed us, 'the best damn cowboy band he has ever seen." I consider that very high praise for a blues band! : ) I will miss Grant, and my thoughts and prayers are with his good wife, Miss Kelli. Adios, my friend, until we meet again.

    Well, Lefty The Famous Kitten will be five months old the first of February. He is doing very well on the keyboard, and he wants to type a bit. Here is Lefty!

    First off, I am a Cat, not a Kitty! And second off, all of you animal rights activist types need to know that I, Lefty The Cat, am a victim of animal cruelty every time RosCo walks around naked in The Blue House! And third, I am becoming a chili addict! Is there such a thing as Chili Anonymous? Help me! Oh, and mEoW! 

    Isn't Lefty getting good at the keyboard? Keep them emails coming, come see The Mighty Flash Backs, and Rock On With RosCo!

JANUARY 13, 2003-HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Famous Kitten Lefty has been mastering the keyboard, so I promised him he could peck out a few words to you all later on in this first installment of the year 2003! First off, The Mighty Flash Backs got fired after Jan. 4 at The Wet Spot in Eufaula, Oklahoma, for 'not adhering to a vegetable diet while nude.' I must admit, I myself over looked this provision in our rider, so I blame myself and my manager, the aforementioned Lefty. But the owner plans to have us back soon, as long as we correct this minor infraction! Can't wait!

    Hope everyone had a Happy and safe New Years. The Mighty Flash Backs had a great time at the Wet Spot, along with some power drinkers who partied their buns off! John Peters of the Boogie Down Blues Radio Show played my song, 'You (Can't Win For Losing),' as his debut for the New Year. The song is fairly old, but I just got around to recording it, and it will be on my new CD of rubbish, RECTIFIER, which I plan to release later this year. I will try and upload as many songs as I can, at least partially, as I get them recorded, and into the computer. And now, HERE IS LEFTY!


    Mmm, Ok, maybe The Famous Kitty will learn more on the keyboard as my scribbles progress, or regress, whichever ya prefer. Time to answer some fan mail from Mabel of Ft. Collins, Colorado. 'Dear RosCo, do you prefer bad girls or good girls?' Dear Mabel, As long as a girl has a job, I prefer her! Keep those cards and email coming, and Rock On with RosCo!