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The Blues Farmers were formed in 2012 when it was realized that two previous acts, RosCo And The Heads, and Zero Radius & Ice Cream Boy,

could not get arrested. The fictitious band of McDiaper brothers were created with appropriate alias and The Blues Farmers were born. After a phone

call to my favorite oldest living Uncle, cover art was chosen and the recording began. A certain beautiful lady was inspiration for much of the lyrics with many

of the melodies and songs coming from sources as old as thirty years. This album is NOT a traditional blues album, so my apologies to to the enthusiasts. It is more a

blues influenced rock album, reminiscent of the 70s hard rock that I grew up on. I was able to get a good sound out of my Orange Crush 20 watter and 2012 gold top

Les Paul with guest appearances from a 1989 Stratocaster and a dobro. My trusty Fostex 16-track made the short trip to Paul's house for drum tracks and everything

else was recorded here at The Blue House. Audacity was used in the mastering process and although I am not an expert at recording or anything else, for that matter,

I do love writing my songs and performing them and recording them. The haters have been most critical this year and I suppose that they will tear this recording up

as well. But I keep writing and recording and I am deeply indebted to the core group of supporters that keep me going. I am most thankful for my Faith, Family, and Friends.

I am not worthy of Their Kindness but I am most grateful. Paul, Lonnie and I will keep rocking till the cows come home as RosCo And The Heads and expect more

new music next year. I am good like that. Enjoy and God Bless!

Ross 'RosCo' Chronister aka Delbert McDiaper-October 2012

The Blues Farmers are:

Dowel Rod McDiaper-Drums, Percussion

Dandy McDiaper-Vocals on 'A Woman Tells You No'

Delbert McDiaper-Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Dobro, Piano, Backing Vocals

Engineered and Produced by Ross 'RosCo' Chronister

All Songs Copyright 2012 (R. Chronister) RockinRosCo.Com ASCAP

All Rights Reserved


'A Woman Tells You No' (Lonnie Lay)