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DECEMBER 24, 2002-HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! The Famous Kitten Lefty won the Battle of The Blue House as I had to hide the artificial Christmas tree. Lefty also ingested several artificial Christmas Tree icicles which made for an interesting litter box movement. Evidently it was not painful, but I still am concerned when my pets pass Christmas ornaments. I hope the Easter Bunny skips our house in 2003...

    We have snow this morning in Okie Land which is rare for us, so I plan on challenging Lefty to a snowball fight as soon as we have our coffee. Lefty has also proven adept at dealing with Bar Owners as well. The Famous Kitten was able to negotiate a better contract with the Wet Spot in Eufaula, Oklahoma, so once again I am back playing Mighty Rock and Roll with The Mighty Flash Backs! Lefty was able to get us a raise from 25 cents a night to forty cents a night! We are all so tickled to death, so if any of you locals want to catch us, come on down to Eufaula on Friday and Saturday nights! It is great to be back playing again!

    I pray that everyone will have a happy and safe holiday season. New Years Eve will find me jamming with the Mighty Flash Backs, so I am going to stock up on Black Eye Peas for Lefty and I. Of course two males observing  southern traditions with legumes can make for a lethal combination, and I am sure Pig German will be uttered a time or two! Be cool, and Rock On With RosCo!


DECEMBER 4, 2002-Tonights menu: Turkey Tamales, UGH! The Famous Kitten Lefty and I had a great Thanksgiving at The Blue House, eating ourselves into a mild coma, and putting up Christmas decorations. Lefty has declared war on the 18 inch Christmas tree and so far, has won every round with the artificial evergreen. Stay tuned for more on the Battle of the Blue House...

    I hope to jam with some people tonight. Steve Ford is coming over, and he is a great bass player and buddy of mine from way back. He was in the original 'RosCo And The Resin Heads' band which terrorized South East Oklahoma back in the early nineties, and I toured with him in 1997 in the 'Midnight Fire' Band. We saw Arizona, New and Old Mexico, Colorado, and Nebraska on that trip, and the band featured one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to make music with, Curtis Featherston. Curtis passed away this year due to diabetes complications. I miss him, but he was sure fun to be around back in the day.

    I trust that some other people out there is a planning for Christmas. I can't believe the holidays are upon us, but that seems to happen a lot this time of year. Meanwhile Lefty, the Feline Poo Poo Machine, has tired of picking on Fake Holiday Icons, and is now headed toward his litter box where the crispy critter lives.  Until next time, Rock On with RosCo!

NOVEMBER 26, 2002-As I clean the last of my loose fitting garments so I can wear them all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which Thursday just happens to be Turkey Day, I ponder the great bounty of stupidity I have dished out in the last year. From my music and my musings I have been able to bother a whole lot of folks via the internet, and I am quite thankful for that. Of course I am also thankful for ice cream, women, Lefty The Kitten, (who has just discovered the joys of shredding toilet paper) the new George Harrison CD, loose fitting clothes, and various Italian Dishes. And I am thankful for YOU good people who put up with me and my scribbles, and I hope you can forgive me for figuring out email and email addys and the 'Send' button! Take Care, have a Great Thanksgiving you folks in the USA, and in other parts of the world, just take care of your selves, and watch out for more updates from your favorite Okie! Rock On with RosCo!


NOVEMBER 10, 2002- Well, last night I quit the Mighty Flash Backs. It seems management and I had a conflict when it came to health care; I wanted to keep my health and management did not care. I will miss making music with the band, but I had to move on, like the loner I guess I will always be. Sounds pathetic, doesn't it? I guess it is time to start work on the new CD I am planning. Unleashing RosCo music on a mostly unsuspecting world is kind of a mission of mine, so some of you lucky people have been warned!

    In other news, my kitten Lefty is developing testicles, so I am beginning to suspect that this feline is not a girl. For a revealing picture of Official Kitty Of The Blue House, click HERE.

    A benefit will be held for Tommy Sherman Dec.13 at Pecker Heads in McAlester, Ok. Blue Zebra and The James Seals Band will be performing, so all you locals attend for a good cause.

    I uploaded a new tune to BroadJam.Com, and the song is called 'In Time.' I hope you like it  My mom likes it, so that is really all I will ever need. That, and the peace I feel every night sleeping, while my kitten is shredding my tennis shoes for putting her, I mean his mug on the net, is all the approval a guy could need. I am so easy. Until next time, Rock On With RosCo!


NOVEMBER 4, 2002-Had a great time jamming with The Mighty Fastbacks during Halloween weekend. None of the band dressed up, but we still had a great time, and even some of the patrons enjoyed their bad selves as well! It looks like we will be at The Wet Spot again this w/e, so rock on, baby!

    I uploaded two full songs to http://www.broadjam.com so click on the link and get either 'Crankenstein' or "Love Again' per your liking. You will have to do a search for 'RosCo' to find the tunes, but hey, its free, baby! And now, lets talk about these two songs...

    'Crankenstein' is a humorous look at a serious problem that we have in Oklahoma; the infamous drug methamphetamine. A lot of lives have been tragically altered by it, and even though I don't mess with it personally, I have witnessed people strung out on it, so I decided to write about it the only way I know, and that is with a laugh. The tune was too heavy for my former band Blak Kat Bone, and I brought it to the band for consideration during the 'Feast Or Famine' sessions, which would have been our third CD, if we had completed it. I demoed the song very quickly, using my trusty Collins Tele, and I really had a ball recording it. And that is the way it should be taken, not too seriously.

    'Love Again' was about being out of love, and wishing you were in love. It is funny how I never remember the heartache and problems I have when I am in a relationship, but I sure do remember the love! I also realize that I am not the first to notice such a paradox of the human condition, nor the last, more than likely!

    Hopefully I will upload more tunes soon to BroadJam. They have a great service, and are a part of Peavey, so I am impressed with them. I really don't have the room to put a lot of stuff on this site, so it is great to share songs on another. Keep those emails and positive vibes coming, and Rock On with RosCo!



OCTOBER 22, 2002-Well, after many years of searching, I have finally gotten a female in my life...I got a kitten! Lefty was a gray stray who warmed up to me from the start, so I took her home to The Blue House, gave her a bath and fed her Cat Cafe. She thanked me by shredding my plants, and leaving 'packages' by the drum throne. Actually all in all, she has treated me better than any other woman has in years! I think its love.

    Weekends have found me jamming with The Mighty Fastbacks, a rough and tumble bunch of rockers at The Wet Spot in Eufaula, Oklahoma. The owner Frank seems to like us, and he gives me all the Diet Coke I can drink, and I have even sold a few more copies of my CD 'Left Of Center.' Jason, the bouncer asked me if the CD had gone 'double plywood' as of yet. I haven't checked with the RIAA, but if more than twenty copies qualifies, then we are double plywood, baby!

    Tommy Sherman was critically injured in an accident at his shop last Friday. Locals know Tommy from his fronting various rock bands in southeastern Oklahoma, and I even played bass for him in Voodoo Rising for a while. Anyway, my buddy Helen Turman is trying to get the local bands and musicians together for a benefit to help with medical expenses. Anyone needing information or wanting to help please call her at (918) 426-3858           

   Hey keep those emails and best wishes coming, and Rock On with RosCo!