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Monday December 31, 2012

RosCo And The Heads, that lovable trio of goof balls who happen to be in a Rock And Or Roll Band would like to wish everyone a wondrous holiday seasoning! The Office Christmas Party was a great success with patrons hanging from the chandeliers and the traditional being silly and having a lot of fun. 2012 was good to The Heads with the release of their latest CD, The Blues Farmers, a lot of fans rocked and or rolled, parties, music, and cow tipping. 2013 will have the release of more music and the trio will be playing their music at a fine establishment near you soon, so watch out for announcements and come see us! Your support of the local music scene means that bands and musicians have a place to play and perform their tunes and this is great for all involved. We appreciate each and every one of you for your support and the gang behind us such as family and significant others are so beloved for their contributions. Be Ready To Rock in 2013 with The Heads and keep sending those snow chains, Easy Bake Oven bulbs, Papa Murphy coupons, the latest copy of Guitar Player, tater tots, Egyptian tanning lotion, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! ;-)

Thursday December 22, 2011

RosCo And The Heads, that stocking stuffing trio wish each and everyone of you and yours the Best Christmas ever and a Happy New Year! While the band takes Christmas weekend off to spend time with their families, parole officers, and ducks, NEXT WEEKEND promises to be crazier than Bat Chicken! December 30th finds our laddies at the Choctaw Casino in McAlester, OK for a 7pm start time, so come out and gamble and rock! And Dec. 31st finds the band at RUMORS on Highway 270 in Krebs, OK to ring in the New Year! 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of RosCo And The Heads, so make sure to come out and support these old guys who love to take antacid trips, and are wheel chair accessible! Keep sending those eye liners, ocean liners, garbage can liners, one liners, jet air liners and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

Monday November 21, 2011

   RosCo And The Heads, that turkey loving trio from SE Oklahoma, would like to wish each and every one of you a early Happy Thanksgiving! The band has been in training for the Big Feast since early October and much damage is expected at the ol' dinner table come Thursday! Mocus, road manager, Big Foot Hunter, and cranberry sauce taster says that he is thankful for all the lint he has found in his belly button this year, as well as chicken cacciatore! Drummer Paul, the undisputed champion butter tart enthusiast of the band, exclaims that he is quite thankful for laughing gas, slots, toilet paper with flowery design, Moon Gel, and paper plates that do not have to be washed! Lonnie Lay, bass man, vocalist, sex cymbal of the band, lawn mower, and cowboy hat enthusiast is thankful for tortoise shells, Hagar The Horrible, Now With 30% More Lean Beef, and the occasional sip of apple jack! And befuddled non Jedi Master RosCo, guitarist, singer sewing machine, and occasional square dance caller is thankful for Love, Ice Cream, (you HAD to see that one coming!) guitars, microwave pot pies, OSU, Windows Phone 7.5 and Mom and Lisa's Home Cooking!

   The Heads will be at the 1896 EATERY and PUB on a rare Wednesday Night, Nov. 23, starting at 9pm at 315 E. Choctaw in downtown McAlester, OK for a Thanksgiving Eve Rock And Or Roll Party! Come on down and get loaded before you get stuffed on Turkey Day! And then this Saturday Nov. 26, come out and party with The Heads again at their favorite Krebs, OK watering establishment, RUMORS, for a 9pm show! BURP!

   A new song is available at http://ReverbNation.Com/TheBluesFarmers which is the precursor to the new Blues Farmers album, which should be out by Christmas. The side project is yet another attempt by the trio to trick buyers into thinking that they are liking music from one band when in reality, it is another band! Dare I say it, we could rule the world!  But no disco album is in the works, sorry TLK!

   Keep sending those cards and letters, don't forget to get those turkeys out of layaway this week, be thankful and support your local music scene as we are SO appreciative of our fans and colleagues, don't forget to wear stretch pants to the dinner table, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

   That trio of mad rock and or rollers, RosCo And The Heads, will be having a CD Release Party, Saturday, September 10, 2011 at RUMORS, located on Highway 270 in Krebs, OK, starting at 9PM! The CD, 'All Of This And WW III,' NOT to be confused with the End Of Days, (Its Just A Music Album, Folks!) has been in the making for hundreds of seconds! Much tea and ice cream was consumed to create the disc, clothes were optional, not a lot of dishes got washed, and there are rumors that incense was burned! Nag Champa Rocks! Drummer Paul, the man formerly with the green hair was interviewed by the BBC (Bowers Broadcasting Couch) and has this to say, 'My drum be on a CD, Dude!' Technically impressive opinion there, Paul! Lonnie Lay, former owner of facial hair has this to say, 'My bass got hocked, so I was not on the CD, but I got to eat cookies!' Way to go, Lonnie! MOCUS, the famous Sasquatch Scientist and incense lighter asked, 'Any cookies left?' And RosCo, the mad leader of the trio of Musical Alchemists reports, 'On to the Blues Album!'

   The CD is available for MP3 download at these links: 

and for iTunes:

   So come out and support local music this Saturday Night, keep sending those cards, gifts, fans, cookies, green hair dye, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!!!


Monday July 18, 2011

RosCo And The Heads, the Hartshorne trio of Blues and Classic Rockers, now with SPF 1000, will be performing FREE at the Rotary Park Amphitheater adjacent to the Stipe Center this Thursday, July 21st, 8PM, located at 801 North 9th Street in McAlester, Oklahoma! Since temperatures have been forecast to be in the 200 degree range this Thursday, it could be safe to say that RosCo And The Heads will be the HOTTEST BAND IN MCALESTER! Bring your lawn chairs, personal cooling stations, and plenty of liquids and enjoy this all ages event which should last for an hour and a half, depending upon the effects of spontaneous combustion!  In other news, the first of three planned CD releases this year has been completed; the Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy album is out, more info at http://ZRandICB.Com Free streaming music is available at the Reverb Nation link, so enjoy and buy some music, we need to pay our gas bill! And recording is rampant at The Blue House so expect more music in August and then again in September! Watch out for appearances of the band and keep up to date at the official website! In the meantime, keep sending those laundry coupons, fuel pumps for 1998 Dodge Grand Caravans, cat food, Dust Bunny Poker Cards, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

Wednesday July 6, 2011

  RosCo And The Heads, those half crazed girly men from Hartshorne are back at it this Saturday Night at RUMORS on Highway 270 in Krebs, starting at 9pm! With temperatures soaring into the triple digits here lately in Okie Land, it just makes good sense to have a cold one at RUMORS while listening to the wacky Classic Rock and Blues trio! Drummer Paul, who is known throughout the internet as a comedian of deep prepositions, is glad to be at RUMORS once again to party with his homies! 'I can't wait to use the restroom at RUMORS, they have the best anti-bacterial soap of ANY bar in SE Oklahoma!' claims our hero. Yes, this band DOES wash its hands (and other areas) before returning to work! Can YOUR local Rock And Or Roll band lay claim to such cleanliness? Bass Dude Lonnie, the tanned, handsome one, comments, 'I like bathing, it makes me smell purdy.' Road Manager MOCUS, Bigfoot Researcher, Professor of Beef Jerky, and chauffeur, exclaims, 'Bigfoot is REAL!' RosCo, the understated charcoal griller, leader of the band, and freezer frost addict says, 'WHO comes up with this stuff?' Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, the recordings have gone well and the first release of three planned albums is about to hit the streets! The side project, 'Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy-Lost In Hartshorne' will be available at iTunes and Amazon very soon. The project features a Red Dirt/Black Dirt sound and is very much a Lonnie Lay album which help from his bandmates Paul Gavigan and Ross 'RosCo' Chronister. Get the album soon! For more info go to http://ZRandICB.Com RosCo And The Heads will be rocking at a place near you so keep going to the website for the latest updates, keep sending those SD memory cards, BB ammo, milk duds, mosquito repellent and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!!!


Monday June 27, 2011

   RosCo And The Heads, THE Rock And Or Roll Blues Band from Hartshorne, Oklahoma, celebrates the Independence Day Weekend with a night of music at Lucky's located in the Highway Inn Express on 1217 South Geo Nigh Expressway in McAlester, OK , Saturday Night, July 2, 2011, starting at 9pm! On a recent promotional event at the McAlester Wal-Mart, Paul Gavigan, Vistalite Enthusiast and Bonham Channeler greeted fans, signed autographs, picked up eggs and bacon, and was cheered on by adoring crowds and mothers who wanted the Mighty Drummer to kiss their babies! RosCo, guitar player, eccentric singer who recently had his last name misspelled in a local newspaper, was tackled by a 73 year old Wal-Mart greeter, tasered, handcuffed, and led to a room where a full body cavity search was performed! Turns out the lad had been mistaken as a member of the notorious Charonister Family, a band of thieves who specialize in pinching charcoal briquettes! After a formal apology was issued, Ross 'RosCo'Chronister, limped back into the Super Center parking lot, to find Bass Man Lonnie Lay and Road Manager Mocus tanning on the roof of the soccer Mom van. They graciously took care of the fearful band leader by making sure he had a proper seat cushion. What a trip!

   Work is nearing completion of the Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy album, Lost In Hartshorne. The Red Dirt/Black Dirt music will be available for digital download very soon and a limited amount of CDs will be pressed so watch out for the imminent release! July and August will find RosCo And The Heads in the studio working on more music as well as partying at Rumors in Krebs, Oklahoma and September will see the band entertaining at the McAlester Choctaw Casino, so come out and see us! Keep sending those salsa dance lessons, seat cushions, ice cubes, catnip, turkey day layaway coupons and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Thursday June 16, 2011

  After a layoff of nearly 1400 years, give or take nearly 1400 years, RosCo And The Heads will be taking the stage again. This weeks victim is the party people of Rumors on Highway 270 in Krebs, Oklahoma, starting at 9pm, Saturday June 18th! Many people, which is more than three, have asked, Where are RosCo And The Heads? Have they been busy fighting crime, ridding the world of evil, or just doing laundry? Actually, The Heads have been holed up at The Blue House recording new music. Road Manager Mocus reports, 'I think I saw Bigfoot and The Heads are recording.' Thank you Mocus for that in depth commentary! None of the other member of the bands were available since they were on a bathroom break and trying to figure out the new fangled indoor toilets that are now all the rage in Hartshorne! Many comments were overheard, some of them included; 'Where does the water go?' 'This handle is chrome!' There is no writing on this paper!' 'This seat is SO comfortable!' Progress is our friend! Expect new music available for download and on CD sometime in the very near future from the most dangerous band in Hartshorne. And keep checking back at the official website, Facebook, MySpace, Reverb Nation, and your local county court logs to see where the Rockin Blues Trio will be appearing next! Until we party again, keep cool, keep sending them Batman figurines, lemon square bars, lottery tickets, chain mail, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Wednesday April 27, 2011

That three piece Rockin Blues Band, RosCo And The Heads, WILL be playing at Rumors, located on Highway 270 , Krebs, Oklahoma, Saturday April 30th starting at 9PM! After a whirlwind tour of Wilburville for the last two weekends, at The Green Frog Festival and the WHS Alumni Dance, respectively, the mayor of Wilburville proclaimed, 'OK, Ross, get out of my town and don't come back until you have replaced all the ice cream you ate!' Since this could take a few months, RosCo and The Heads are now accepting donations and coupons for the purchase of ice cream! We WANT to play Wilburville again, but we need your help! PLEASE give, won't you?

With all the rain in SE Oklahoma, the band is considering either side occupations of life guards or rice farmers! Lonnie Lay, the handsome bass player and hat enthusiast voted most likely to fish, comments, 'I like to fish.' Paul Gavigan, hopeless karaoke romantic, drummer, and Napoli's supporter says, 'I don't like fish.' MOCUS, road manager, hand drum lover, and all around custodian reports, 'I like fish tacos.' And finally, if you have read this scribble this far and have not tossed your cookies, RosCo, the hero of felines located around The Blue House around supper time, said, 'I like ice cream.'

More gigs are coming up soon, drum tracks have been finalized for the NEW RosCo And The Heads CD, 'Redeemer' has been nominated for a Nobel Pizza Prize, keep sending those chicken feathers, Old Spice lids, possum pictures, Peeps, baseball cards and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

Tuesday April 12, 2011

 RosCo And The Heads, that spring loving trio of hopped up on peppermint Rockin Blues Band Mates will be at The GREEN FROG FESTIVAL in beautiful downtown Wilburville, OK this Saturday Night, April 16th starting at 8pm at the Joseph and Goldberg Park located two doors down from SE 1st and Main! MOCUS, descendent of the entertainment director at The Alamo, and Road Manager, exclaimed, 'I will wear my frog suit!' Drummer Paul Gavigan, dashing man about town and belly button lint examiner lamented, 'Does frog taste like squirrel?' Lonnie Lay, bass player, weed whacker, Shangra-La Interior Decorator and owner of a frosty coke commented, 'Frog taste like chicken!' And leader of the band RosCo, tireless flatulence creator, Etch-A-Sketch Terminator and Dust Bunny Herder exclaimed, 'Rock And Or Roll!'

The trio which is also known as Hartshorne's Most Dangerous Band will help Jammin' John Peters celebrate the 11th Anniversary of The Boogie Down Blues Show LIVE on FM Rock 105 Thursday, April 14th, starting at 6pm. Most of the musical group and MOCUS have procured haircuts, manicures, and nasal piercings so they can look their best on the radio! Tune in and or call John anytime on Tuesdays or Thursdays 6 to 8pm and request some Blues or Local Bands at (918) 423-1400! Thank you Jammin' John for supporting local music!

Rob Jackson, acclaimed senator from Florida, who also directs film in his spare time, has utilized his skills for the Conventicle Films produced release of 'Redeemer' the first song from the NEW RosCo And The Heads CD which should itself see a release in early June 2011. Thank you Rob! Check out the video HERE:

More dates are coming up, the Cubs have a won a game this year, popcorn is a popping at The Blue House, so come support local music and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Wednesday March 30, 2011

RosCo And The Heads, that three-piece black berry cobbler loving little ol' band from Hartshorne, are ready to play The Fools at The Exit 31 Club in Krebs, Oklahoma, this Friday night, April 1st! Drummer Paul Gavigan, an expert at the ancient art of drum refinishing and disc golf enthusiast exclaims, 'We get to play on April Fools Day? Is that cool or what? I can wear my Spiderman PJs!' MOCUS, an award winning documentary maker of the film, 'Bigfoot: How The Creature Can Help You Stretch Your Food Budget Dollar In These Hard Times' who also happens to be Road Manager, had this to say; 'I am ready to Rock with my new Spiderman Underwear on!' Lonnie Lay, Bass Dude, humanitarian, singer of 'I'm A Lumberjack And I'm OK' and all around Good Guy, says, 'I want mine own pair of Spiderman underwear!' Leader of the band and owner of a Spiderman towel RosCo questions, 'What does Spider Dude have to do with April Fools Day?'

   Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, secret headquarters of RosCo And The Heads, an address so secret that only half the worlds population knows where it is located, the famous kitties Waddles and Callie have this to say; 'MEOW!' Thank you Kitties!

   RosCo And The Heads would like to thank their fans, friends, and families for their support of the local band scene, new music should be released in June, iTunes is reporting that somebody out there loves RosCo And The Heads, more dates are coming and it looks like it will be a GREAT SUMMER to check out your fave Classic Rock and Blues Band! Green Frog Fest in Wilburton is coming in April as well as CD's Boat House in May in Eufaula! Keep sending those Wal-Mart survey cash register receipts, make sure to check your refrigerator for fresh baking soda, to the owner of a 1999 Mazda who flashed Lonnie, TOO COOL! and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Monday February 22, 2011

RosCo And The Heads, that trio of silly mouseketeers who love to play Classic Rock and Blues while in the shower, are back at it this Friday Night at the Exit 31 Club in Krebs, Oklahoma! This time, Uncle RosCo, the undisputed Village Idiot of Hartshorne, celebrates yet another <cough> 29th Birthday! Paul Gavigan, drummer, freelance fire extinguisher inspector, and speaker of fluent Canadian, had this to say;"'Uncle RosCo does not look a day over 125!" Lonnie Lay, The Hillbilly From Hartshorne, Bass and Catfish Man, coffee with two sugars enthusiast, confirms, "I have known Uncle RosCo since the covered wagon days, but he is much, MUCH older than me!" MOCUS, noted maker of toast, road manager, champion of polka dotted underwear, noted: "Uncle RosCo is my hero, but most of his nose hairs are older than me!" Leader of The Heads, guitarist, vocalist, and tiny dancer RosCo confirms, "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!"
Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, much recording, chasing of dust bunnies, burning of supper, and a whole lot of shakin' is a going on! 2011 promises to be a good year, so keep ringing up the radio stations, visit the iTunes Store, use only the finest toilet paper, your bum will thank you, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Wednesday January 26, 2011

  That donut and sunshine loving trio, RosCo And The Heads, will be rocking out at The Exit 31 Club in Krebs, OK this Friday Night, Jan. 28, 2011, starting at 9PM! After the lads helped Santa save Christmas and gave the jolly old elf tips on what to do with those darn Thanksgiving leftovers (Ketchup!) they wandered into Mena, Arkansas for a New Years Eve Party! Many thanks to the Morrell Brothers, Lora, Sheree, and Handsome Vinnie Rudman for collecting enough money to bail the band out of jail! Lonnie Lay, bassman and toilet paper enthusiast commented, 'The Polk County Pokie has better oatmeal than Pittsburg County.' Drummer Paul Gavigan, recent owner of the flu complained, 'There was no mint on my pillow!' Mocus, Road Manager, sex symbol and Gov't Mule Groupie proclaimed, 'Let me out, I must tend to my vegetable garden!' And our hero RosCo, fearless leader, and dust bunny magnet, sadly had this to say, 'There is no ice cream in jail!'
   New music has been promised for a long time, but it looks like 2011 will finally be the year to see new releases from RosCo And The Heads. Previously released songs are available at iTunes and Amazon for download and Bulls Eye Radio has recently added the song 'So Cold In The City' to their rotation. You can listen here: Bookings are being booked, cities have been added, guitars have been tuned, and RosCo And The Heads are Revvin' for a Rockin' 2011! Keep sending those cards, letters, emails, marriage proposals, Jack-In-The-Box coupons, Teflon Snow Boots, (slippery is good!) and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Friday, November 19, 2010  

RosCo And The Heads, that turkey and all the trimmings trio, want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving! That little ol' band from Hartshorne have much to be thankful for and appreciate the fans that have supported them this year. Gigs are being scheduled for 2011 and a bit of recording is going on at The Blue House, so expect a new release in the new year!

   Road Manager MOCUS, the undisputed King of Patchouli Sniffing, is thankful for many things including hose clamps, drywall, fish hooks, Donnie, and his Pet Rock. Paul, drummer and road side assistance mad man, is thankful for T, oranges, The Drummer 101 Hand Book with missing pages, karaoke, The Golden China Buffet, and PS3. Lonnie Lay, Bass Man, Vocalist, toothbrush enthusiast, and patron at Simple Simon's Pizza in Hartshorne, is thankful for Kimberly, underwear with the correct day of  the week written on it, bicycle seats, quantum physics, and tetrazzini chicken! Leader of the banned and guitar plucker RosCo is thankful for ice cream, guitars, Laurel, Waddles, the Pittsburgh Steelers, people that give him money when he goes to bars, and Popeye's Fried Chicken! Keep sending those cards, letters, emails, turkey basters, tin foil hats, don't forget to support your local music scene and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Sunday, October 24, 2010 

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Film at 11! Meanwhile, back at the castle, Dr. Chronister Von Frankfurter plans yet another diabolical music event, this time at SNAPPY MAC's SPORTS BAR near beautiful downtown Big Cedar, Oklahoma! After jetting in at the world famous Big Cedar International Airport this Saturday night, October 30th, that mad trio from Hartshorne will arrive via limo to Rock The Patrons on the border starting at 9pm! Road Manager and ghostly pet rock enthusiast Mocus has procured magic jelly beans and his fog machine to help out with the festivities! Bass Man and jack o' lantern carver Lonnie Lay has washed his favorite Halloweenie threads so he can Rock Out in full costume! Timid and shy drummer and weather forecaster Paul McGavigan plans on wearing his favorite skull complete with ketchup packets stolen from Denny's and our guitar hero and Village Idiot decided to come back from the dead just so he could party at Snappy Mac's! But he had no comment on his sex life. Cancel film at 11! 
   November 6th will find the Most Dangerous Band In Hartshorne playing Rock And Or Roll at the historic LIBERTY THEATRE for their annual residency all ages show. Support acts will be Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy, fresh from a tour of the air freshener aisle at Wal-Mart, and local Blues Man, Aaron Lalli. Tickets are $5 at the door and the show starts at 7pm. The new RosCo And The Heads T-Shirts will be on sale so get them while they last!
   ITunes has RosCo And The Heads songs and the highly anticipated new album will be available for download in early 2011! Support your local music makers and purchase their songs today! The link to the Apple store is here:

More new tunes will be available soon!

   On a very somber note, the local music community lost a dear friend this week, Preston Walker. Preston was the chief engineer at McAlester Radio and championed local music and local artists and was a good and kind man to all. I called him my favorite Sicilian Vulcan as he was Italian and a fellow Trekkie. I lost my older brother this week but I am so blessed and Thank God that I had the opportunity to call such a man my friend. Our prayers are with his wife and his Radio Family.
   Our man Paul has been recording drum parts for the new album at The Blue House, and he has not lost his sanity or broken a drum stick yet! Keep sending them cards and letters and pogo sticks, go ahead and send ANY leftover Halloween Candy to The Blue House, support local music and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 

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That fried chicken loving trio of Rockin' Blues Cat Herders from Hartshorne, Oklahoma have released their second song to iTunes, 'So Cold In The City!' Support your local music scene and go to iTunes, Amazon, and many other online music stores and buy the digital download! Rock On and thanks you for your support! http://RosCoAndTheHeads.Com



Sunday, September 26, 2010 

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The diverse and slightly different Rockin Blues Band RosCo And The Heads are now on iTunes with their first digital global release, 'Thank God For Angels.' The gospel inflected tune is a departure from the usual Smokin Rock And Or Roll from the Hartshorne trio, so support your local bands and go to iTunes and purchase the song! More to come as The Heads are busy recording and hope to have more sounds available for their world wide audience very soon! Rock On!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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RosCo And The Heads, the only pie loving trio of rockers ever to moon the moon are back on the road this Labor Day weekend, Ready To Rock And Or Roll! The festivities start at 7pm at VFW Post 8798 located on Highway 9 south just outside of Eufaula, OK where The Heads will join Special Guest Smokin Joe Acoustic Show for a Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) Fund Raiser Rock And Blues Concert. Road Manager Mocus has loaded up his favorite Pet Rock and can't wait to party. Drummer and Mr. Potato Head enthusiast Paul has decorated his drum kit with duct tape, Bass Dude and Trekkie Extraordinaire Lonnie has cleaned up his glasses, and guitarist and resident Village Idiot RosCo has put brand new wind shield wiper fluid in the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper! Come out and support a good cause Saturday, September 4th and get rocked! Keep sending them emails, nude refrigerator magnets, Buck Rogers commemorative ash trays, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

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Friday, August 13, 2010 

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...if we don't go see RosCo And The Heads at The Magic Wheels Motorcycle Event this Saturday Night!' exclaimed Paul, the youngest member of the band. 'But you are the DRUMMER for RosCo And The Heads!' explained Master Pizza Enthusiast and Road Manager Mocus. 'You HAVE to be there, so how are you going to die?' questioned Bass Man and Blade Runner Lonnie Lay. 'Who the hell is RosCo And The Heads?' asked befuddled ding-a-ling and guitarist RosCo.
   Are you looking for something to do this Saturday night? Perhaps all of this air conditioning indoors has driven you mad long enough and you would love to see a rock and or roll band sweat and melt right before your very eyes! Fear not, help is on the way! Magic Wheels will have their Annual Motorcycle Parade down the main street of Wilburton, OK this Saturday, August 14th, 2010. Rudy And Sunset will start the evening at 8pm at the  Chamber of Commerce Parking Lot, then the parade will be held at approximately 9, and RosCo And The Heads take the stage until 11:30 or so or until the bats carry them off! This is a FREE family event so bring your lawn chairs and the Latimer County 4-H will provide a concession stand, a whole lot of bikes and two bands are on tap so come on out and support live local music and join in the fun! In the meantime, keep sending those ice cream cones, garter belts, lawn mower bearings, split head injuries, jelly rolls, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

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Thursday, August 05, 2010 

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That Panda Bear loving trio, RosCo And The Heads, will be enjoying a Massive Party Weekend this weekend! Friday night finds The Heads Rocking  And Or Rolling 9pm at Danny's Bar located at 908 Pennsylvania Avenue in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, Oklahoma! Jasmine and the gang have been taking their vitamin supplements all week so they can party down with The Heads and sell that wonder tonic beloved by all, beer! And then the fabled SnapperFest will be on for Saturday as the Heads head to the Arkansas border to party down at the legendary watering hole, Snappy Mac's in Big Cedar, Oklahoma! Parachutes have been packed, pancake mix is already in the van, and Mocus has even dug out his 'I Brake For Pizza' T-Shirt so he can regale the crowds with his tales of pizza pie indulgence! Four bands will be performing at the all day event with RosCo And The Heads slated to hit the stage at 8:30 so learn how to hum the theme to 'Deliverance' and drive out to Big Cedar and Party! But remember no weekend is complete without stopping in at Danny's Bar in Hartshorne first, on Friday, and tell Jasmine and the gang The Heads sent ya!
   The heat has taken its toll on everyone and The Heads actually had to practice in their underwear on regular practice night, which is Monday. Shrieks, moans, grunts, and groans were heard quite a bit that evening and the band voted that guitar picker and coffee drinker RosCo has to wear a sports bra from now on. The band also voted that drummer and mouse repairman Paul must never wear a G-string. However, the band decided that bass man and resident blade sharpener Lonnie might actually make a decent underwear model. Poor Mocus passed out at the sight of Paul's G-String so little comment was heard from the pizza loving road manager.
   Next weekend (August 14) is Magic Wheels' Bikes and Bands on Main Street in Wilburville, Oklahoma so mark your calendars! Keep sending that rawhide, drunken gnomes, pretty paper, pretty ribbons, of blue, ice cubes and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 

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   RosCo And The Heads, that gummy bear loving trio from the edges of Rock And Or Roll will be bringing their special brand of, Rock And Or Roll, to the newly established Danny's Bar this Friday Night! Danny's Bar, formerly Puma's Bar, is located at 908 Pennsylvania Avenue in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, between the stop lights on main street and the get down begins at 9pm! Paul Gavigan, Drum Throne Operator and former jello eating king of Transylvania, has this to comment; 'I hope my kick drum pedal has enough hose clamps!' Lonnie Lay, the undisputed king of lawn mower breakage in the tri-county area and Thunderbird Bass Technician also had something to say; 'I hope Paul's kick drum pedal has enough hose clamps!' Road Manager Mocus, wearer of clothes and all around good guy was also quoted as saying; 'I better pick up some extra hose clamps for Paul's kick drum pedal!' And RosCo, undisputed head roadie and banjo technician added; 'What happened to all of my hose clamps?'
   The July 3rd spectacle with Special Guest Aaron Lalli was quite the hoot as the entire town of Calvin turned out to see The Heads. Underwear and small change were showered upon the band, a couple of marriage proposals, hose clamps and watermelons were also a part of the normal day of your local musicians. A special thanks to Salt Creek Knife Company for hosting the event and the good folks of Calvin for allowing The Heads to play their brand of Rock N Blues for their entertainment!
   Make sure to tune to The Boogie Down Blues Show Tuesday and Thursday night from 6pm to 8pm on McAlester's Rock 105FM. Tonight, DJ Jammin' John Peters will debut two new songs, 'Boogie Down Blues' by Aaron Lalli and 'Modern Day Outlaw' by Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy. New RosCo And The Heads material is on the way and make sure to hear John's Show as he has the exclusive low down on local artists!
   So get out of the house and come see The Heads this Friday night at Danny's Bar! A splendid evening is guaranteed to no one, but hey, come on out anyway! Keep sending those feather dusters, hose clamps, rain gauges, BB gun ammo, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 

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   Those flag waving musical icons from Hartshorne are back at the rock and or rolling this Saturday, July 3rd at Salt Creek Knife Company in beautiful downtown Calvin, Oklahoma, with Special Guest Aaron Lalli! Aaron and Head Master RosCo used to work at a used car lot together back in the turn of the century and have each devoured a whole lot of fried chicken, so it will be good for the two to get together and reminiscence. All restaurants in the Calvin area have been put on alert and extra napkins have been purchased as well as plenty of Tabasco. The band starts at 11am and will play until 3pm so come on and party!
   Lawn Man Lonnie Lay, Bass Man, Singer, Beer Enthusiast, Humanitarian and easily the most tanned Head since George Hamilton, has been quoted as saying, 'SOO-WEE, GO HOGS!' This incident of course happened last weekend in Mena, Arkansas where the temps were hot and the bikes and babes were hotter. Drum Meister and Sex Therapist Paul Gavigan, who looked dashing in his hounds tooth and lederhosen, with spats on his feet, drummed mightily for the Hog Country crowd who showered him with praise and paper airplanes. 'I feel like a real boy!' exclaimed the latest drummer to fill The Head throne. Leader of the band RosCo was presumed lost as usual and sure enough, Road Manager Mocus found our hero at the local Baskin-Robins, face down in sherbet. Some things never change...
   RosCo And The Heads are going to be rocking and or rolling at a place near you soon, so keep those cards and letters coming, dry ice, coffee mugs with disappearing clothes, bayonets, massage coupons, National Geographic DVD's, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, USA! 




Wednesday, June 16, 2010 

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Category: Music
After a six month long sabbatical, that little ole' band from Hartshorne, RosCo And The Heads, are back in the saddle this weekend at the Hog Country Poker Run in Mena, Arkansas! Six months is a long period to go without rock and or roll and it is time that the rumors be put to rest. First off for the facts: former members of the band did indeed quit and joined a watermelon cult located, some say in Kansas, others say Texas. Either way they are replaced with two of the baddest cat herders on the planet, Paul Gavigan on drums and Lonnie Lay on bass and vocals! Lonnie and RosCo were once part of an elite band of chicken farmers located in western Latimer County and have been on plenty of missions together. And Paul was the former drummer for MuddGroove back in the 1870s and is rumored to be quite the sexual athlete, but everything you read on a bathroom wall cannot always be seen as gospel.
  Second off, this new version of RosCo And The Heads may well be, up to this time,  the most recent version of the band, ever! More than 7,000 different Heads have come and gone since the wild and wacky adventures of one Village Idiot, Rockin RosCo, who started the musical group back in the 1940s. It is indeed touching to witness the sheer tenacity of one individual who refuses to give up, even though he is deaf in one ear and cannot hear out of the other. Dates are stacking up, crates of celery have been purchased, and RosCo And The Heads are headed to a town near you! Keep sending those text messages, guitar porn, french fry coupons, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Tuesday February 9, 2019

  The whispers and rumors can now be confirmed. After disbanding nearly ten years ago, the classic lineup of Blak Kat Bone have agreed to come together for one final show to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of McAlester Radio FM Rock 105's Boogie Down Blues Show hosted by SE Oklahoma's Guardian Saint of the local musician, John Peters! Guitarist and vocalist Aaron Lalli, drummer Robert Ott, and bassist/vocalist Ross 'RosCo' Chronister decided that the event was 'as good a reason as any to get together and play a song or two.' The Mighty Bone was THE premier local blues rock band in the late nineties and early double knots touring Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, opening for Eric Sardinas and Kenny Wayne Sheppard as well as garnering a loyal fan base in the McAlester, Oklahoma area. In the early days of the internet revolution, one of their songs went to number 10 on the world blues charts and praise both near and far were heaped upon the band for their unique 'Okie' brand of the blues which included a heady mix of Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Johnny Winter, stunning original music, and of course, SRV. Join the band one last time as they get together to celebrate a milestone with plenty of friends and fellow musicians April 10, 2010 at Salt Creek Knives in Calvin, Oklahoma. A Blues Jam will start at noon and all musicians are welcome to bring their guitars and amps to toast John Peters and highlights will be recorded for a later broadcast on his radio show. Somewhere in the early evening, Blak Kat Bone will hit the stage for a 10 or 15 song set and the night should come to a close early around 7 pm. For more info, watch this blog at http://MySpace.Com/BlakKatBone and visit http://SaltCreekKnives.Com and Keep It Blue!   


Saturday, December 05, 2009 

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Category: Music
It has been a wonderful year for RosCo And The Heads with some tremendous highs and some horrendous lows. Highlights included our Liberty Theatre Shows, The Thunder In The Valley Fourth of July Spectacular, where we played before ten thousand people, The Mena, Arkansas Tornado Benefit, Jam Nights at The now defunct Puma's Bar, Magic Wheels In Wilburton, OK, and a whole lot of bar gigs. Lows include the seemingly diminishing popularity of our classic rock music which has been evidenced by a lack of crowd support, but to be truthful, this economy has forced many of our faithful fans to stay at home. The closing of Puma's Bar hurt many local musicians and it was a shame that unforeseen circumstances and sheer bad luck became the downfall of the music establishment. The Puma family has also taken a horrible blow with the loss of beloved mother and cherished club owner, Elzie Puma. Her loss from cancer has been felt across the area and she will be missed so very much. Because of Ma Puma, RosCo And The Heads were able to thrive and have a place to practice and a place to jam. And local musicians had a place to get together and try out musical ideas. She supported local music and gave encouragement to musicians young and not so young. Thank you, Ma Puma. We miss you so, but your positive influence will carry us on.
   Another low was the fact that no new music was released from The Heads except for two new demos, 'Shelter From The Storm' and 'No Goodbyes.' Hopefully 2010 will see some studio time and possibly a summer CD release. Local gigs have disappeared and Ken and Steven have joined a country band to make enough to pay bills and put food on their family tables. Music is our passion but it does cost money and families must be fed and they have to do these things to honor their responsibilities. We wish there were a way to make RosCo And The Heads profitable but this has never happened and it may never come to pass. But this dreamer is not done and will continue to Rock On, writing and recording songs, booking gigs, being goofy, and being a Love Buzzard to drunken women. And a special thanks to Jerry Gray for inviting me into his Jam Studio and letting me play guitar with him for an hour or two. Not to mention Paul Gavigan and T for their friendship and musical talk shop and Joseph Alexander for teaching me the Phrygian Scale. And DJ John Peters keeps us all alive here in SE Oklahoma by spinning our records on his radio show. My cousins Dave and David continue to put up with my bad jokes and my Mom and brother Rex are always supporting me, I am nothing without my faith, family, and friends. Please come and see RosCo And The Heads on their final show of 2009 and their first show of 2010 at The Eagles Club in Mena, Arkansas Dec. 31st starting at 9pm! Happy Holidays to all and keep sending them good ol' positive vibes and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009 

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That Turkey loving trio, RosCo And The Heads will be at the Big Rock And Or Roll Turkey Day Ball at ShovelHead Bar & Grill this Saturday Night! Steven and Kenny are due to arrive at Hartshorne International Airport Saturday afternoon where our hero RosCo McLovin will be picking them up in his modified 17 wheel limo and it is off to McAlester's favorite Biker Bar located at 1203 North Main! The festivities start at 9
so come out and support your favorite classic rock trio, buy them a cold one, give them quizzical looks, throw panties, (no man panties, please) dance a little, raise your fist in the air and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! Happy Thanksgiving! 


Friday, October 16, 2009 

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Category: Music
RosCo And The Heads, that trio of happy go lucky Rock And Or Roll Maniac's are set to Kick Out The Jams at McAlester, Oklahoma's favorite Biker Bar, ShovelHeads Saturday Night starting at 9pm! Drummer and Chef-Boy-R-Dee Imitator Ken Puma has vowed that he will show the crowd no mercy with his mad hand puppet skills! Bass Dude and Caddy Driving Mad Man Steven Ford comments that he is now, 'Bad, and Nation Wide!' Meanwhile, our resident Super Hero and Guitar Plucker Der RosCo notes that the women of ShovelHead Bar are CRAZY and has been taking extra vitamins to keep up with them! 1203 North Main is the address of Party Central Saturday Night, and The Three Jays will open for The Heads with their great rocking sound and matching argyle vests! So gird up your loins, spray or splash on a little perfume, do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Thursday, September 10, 2009 

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Category: Music
Let everyone know that Puma's has had to shut down for a while so Jam Night is suspended. I'll try and let everyone know when things are up and running again. In other news, catch RosCo And The Heads at ShovelHeads Sept. 19 in McAlester and bring the kids to our All Ages Low Dough Show Nov. 7 at The Liberty Theatre in Hartshorne with Special Guests Lonnie Lay and Juniper Point. Rock On!

All The Best,



Wednesday, August 12, 2009 

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Category: Music
RosCo And The Heads, the band voted most likely to bankrupt IHOP on All You Can Eat Night, are packing their gear for the city of Wilburton, Oklahoma, this Saturday Night Aug. 15, 2009 for the Annual Bikes And Bands On Main Street at the Goldberg & Joseph Park! The Festivities kick off at 8pm with Rudy And Sundown, then the Heads will waddle to the stage, and then the night will close with Oversoul! Steven Ford, Bass Man and scrunchies enthusiast reports, 'I hope they don't try to shoot RosCo again!' Kenny Puma, drummer and coffee drinker also expressed his concern, 'I hope they don't miss and shoot me!' And RosCo, lead nose picker and wearer of Blue Bunny underwear exclaimed, 'Hey, whomever sent me the cool T-Shirt with the bulls-eye, THANKS!' There will be a parade and bikers and all kinds of good family fun, so come out and support local music! RosCo got to sit in with old friends Sonny Reece, Vick Voss, and Floyd Speir last Friday Night at the Texanna Lounge in Checotah for a night of music, dancing, brawling, and drinking! The bartender cut RosCo off after four Diet Cokes because 'he had to drive' but  good times were the order of the night and fun is still the very best therapy of all! The Heads still host Jam Night at Puma's Coffee Bar at 908 Penn in Hartshorne, OK every Sunday Night 5 to 9pm, so dust off your banjo or harp and come on down! And more shows are on the way including a triple bill November 7 at The Liberty Theatre in Hartshorne, OK with Special Guests Lonnie Lay and Juniper Point! So keep sending those chicklets, olive oil bottles, baseball jerseys, marriage proposals, gardening tips, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Sunday, August 02, 2009 

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Category: Music
Jam Night was another rousing success with Joseph Alexander, The Two Jerry's, Travis, Kenny, RosCo, Marlene, and Special Guest Junior Brown getting down and having a great time! Actually, Junior Brown and his lovely wife stopped in for only a brief moment, as they were guests of Marlene and were simply giving her a ride to her favorite Jam Place on Sunday Night, Puma's Coffee Bar! But hopefully the famous musician will stay a little longer and arm wrestle Ken Puma for ice cubes, next time! And the week just keeps getting wilder as Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy hit the Acoustic Trail Wednesday Evening at 8PM with a special weed whacking contest and sing along! And Saturday Night, August 8th will witness RosCo And The Heads with Special Guest Lonnie Lay Rocking Puma's Bar starting at 7pm! Next Sunday is Jam Night all over again, 5pm until 9pm so mark your calendars, bring your coupons, remember to throw pastries at the band, SUPPORT LOCAL MUSICIANS, send RosCo nudity (ladies only PLEASE) and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Friday, July 24, 2009 

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Category: Music
Yes you heard it right folks, Kenny Puma, shoe shine salesman and drummer for your favorite rock and or roll band RosCo And The Heads, is having a birthday! Kenny recently sat down on this reporter and reminisced about his childhood and how he came over on The Boat from Italy, accidentally tinkled on the Statue of Liberty, (they have a restroom in Venice that looks EXACTLY the same!) hitched a ride to Detroit on a pogo stick (there were four of us and none of us spoke Armenian) and his failed attempt at becoming a Detroit Tiger (The jock straps were too small). And of course there is the story of how he found Oklahoma (I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque) and joined RosCo and The Heads (I was told there was pizza) and on to fame and fortune! In his honor, Steven Ford, bassist and BBQ enthusiast for The Heads has decided to throw a Birthday Bash for him at Puma's Coffee Bar (formerly Puma's Bar) at 908 Penn in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, OK Saturday, July 25, 2009 starting at 7pm! And, since Kenny's lovely sister Sara Jo has a birthday as well in July, RosCo, demented ice cream enthusiast and guitar picker, decided to throw a party for her, as well! So bring Kenny and Sara Jo presents to the Birthday Bash which will include our old friend Lonnie Lay chipping in on the festivities and let us Rock And Or Roll Saturday Night! 


Tuesday, June 30, 2009 

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Category: Music
The Good Ol' USA is having another Birthday and RosCo And The Heads have another excuse to eat too much and play music, so they just can't WAIT to celebrate! The festivities begin Wednesday Night July 1 at Puma's Bar in Hartshorne, OK with the return of the Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy Acoustic Show and Feather Duster Contest! Zero Radius, the more handsome of the duo questions, "Is that song in F flat or E?" Ice Cream Boy, the least handsome of the duo remarks, "Those clouds look like boobies!" What a pair! The lads start at 8 and play until 10 so get there early so you can tip them and tell them how good they sound! Thursday July 2 will find The Heads traveling down to Talihina to help the Choctaw Tribe celebrate the tenth anniversary of their new hospital! Iron Road opens the show at 5pm, The Heads take the stage at 6:30 or 7, and a big fireworks show will start at dusk, so come on and help The Choctaws celebrate at the Health Care Center! And finally, Saturday will find the Mighty Trio Rockin at Puma's Bar in Hartshorne starting at 7pm and don't forget Jam Night at 5pm every Sunday! RosCo And The Heads and Lonnie Lay wish each and every one of you a safe and Happy Independence Day, and to our friends all around the world, keep sending them sparklers, candy bars, pecan sandies, figs, olives, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! 


Wednesday, May 13, 2009 

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Category: Music
The weekend ahead promises to be full of most good fun as RosCo And The Heads, the band voted most likely to cry during nipple piercing, prepares to party with the gang at ShovelHead Bar in McAlester Friday night starting at 9pm and partying with the Re and Regina at The Italian Festival, also being held in McAlester, Saturday starting at 6pm and finishing the weekend Sunday evening with Jam Night at Puma's Bar in Hartshorne, starting at 5pm! These incredible musical athletes have been in training for this super human feat of Party Madness for at least ten or twelve seconds and each of the lads had this to say; Ken Puma, noted Italian and Drum Masseuse has declared, 'The spaghetti is MINE!' Steven Ford, resident jig dancer and bass string enthusiasts exclaims, 'Three nights in a row? Thank God for ketchup!' RosCo, in charge of licking the cookie bowl and geetar picker also mused, 'I think that cloud looks like boobies.' As usual, this trio is well rested and focused! In other news, many comments have been made about the two 'new' songs on the MySpace web site and although the positive feedback is appreciated, it must be pointed out that these songs were actually from the 2006 CD release 'Rectifier' and thus are not new at all. But Rock On anyway, new music is on the way! May 23 will find The Heads in Mena, Arkansas to take part in the Mena Tornado Disaster Relief Concert sponsored by the Fraternal Order of The Eagles so come out and support a great cause that will feature great bands and a lot of fun. In the mean time, keep sending them lacy bras, stockings, cinnamon buns, rubber bands, tea leaves, pinto beans, cough drops, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Thursday, April 23, 2009 

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Category: Music
The MOST well fed band in SE Oklahoma, RosCo And The Heads, are just tickled pink in anticipation of the chance to ROCK OUT at the historic Liberty Theatre this Saturday, April 25, 7:30pm! Located in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, Oklahoma at 826 Pennsylvania Avenue, The Liberty has been host to various performers and nutmeg throughout the centuries and The Heads are preparing for their assault in typical fashion! Steven Ford, Bass Man and  Certified Indian Burn enthusiast, has entertained the thought of performing his patented LeSabre Dance at the event, but details remain sketchy at press time. Super Duper Detroit Dawg Kenneth P. Puma, president of the Pasta Boy Food Network and drum doctor, wanted to park his Econoline on stage and decorate it with tinker toys, but it looked like the colors might clash with the drapes, so this was struck from the list. And our old pal RosCo, guitar and nose picker extraordinaire, had to nix the flying through the air routine since his fishing line was in Lake Eufaula and could not return in time! Drat! Joining The Heads on the bill will be the legendary folk duo and ballroom dancers Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy, the magnificent Red Dirt Cowboy Lonnie Lay, and introducing all the way from Wilburville, Oklahoma, Centerpoint! This is an ALL AGES ROCK CONCERT, tickets are only $5 at the door, so bring your mum, children and various outlaws and inlaws, but this IS Rock And Or Roll people, it will be LOUD! (Your mileage may vary) So keep sending them cream horns, chicken nuggets, earth day brownies, diet cola, flash lights, Hannah Montana bracelets, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


  Thursday, April 02, 2009

Current mood:  awake
In honor of April Fool's Day, RosCo And The Heads with Special Guest
Lonnie Lay, have decided to ROCK OUT at Puma's Bar this Saturday Night
starting at 9pm! As is customary, the lads forgot to set their alarm
and missed the opportunity to Jam on April Fools Day, so with their
incredible lack of Super Powers, they have decided to celebrate being
Fool's on April 4th, instead! Come see them play their disturbing brand
of Rock And Or Roll  at Puma's Bar, 908 Pennsylvania Avenue, on the
south side between the two stop lights in beautiful downtown
Hartshorne, OK! Keep sending those enchiladas, oil changing tips,
tartar sauce recipes, keys to 1950s era outhouses, and ROCK ON WITH

Tongue out


Wednesday, March 04, 2009


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Category: Music
RosCo And The Heads, the only band paid NOT to wear banana hammocks, are putting on their leathers and getting ready to Rock Out at their favorite biker bar, ShovelHeads, located at 1201 North Main in McAlester, Oklahoma this Saturday night, March 7 starting at 9PM! Drummer and coffee pot collector Kenny 'Hercules' Puma has lathered up his leather drum throne in anticipation of the event and quips, 'Party after the gig at the drive-thru at Taco Bell at 3am!" Steven 'Thunder Fingers' Ford, bass man and meteorologists for the band says, 'It will rain somewhere Saturday night, but I don't know where.' And our MUCH MUCH older pal RosCo The Horrible has been quoted as saying, 'I think I ate too much.' What an incredible band! Kudos to the Anderson-Gavigan Band for covering us at Jam Night last Sunday as The Heads traveled to Mena to play music for Vince and Tracy's wedding! The Heads had a lot of fun and got to hang out and jam with old friends and witness two of their bestest pals getting hitched! We love you Vinny and Tracy! And if you happen to be in Hartshorne tonight, come on by and witness The Return of Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy with their acoustic show starting at 8pm at Puma's Bar at 908 Penn. Tickets are still available, but act now to get a seat close to the bathroom! Jam Night is still going strong every Sunday at 5pm so all you musicians come on down! Stay tuned to this channel for all the latest updates, groupie sightings, vegetable oil outlets, gnome movements, and other Rock And Or Roll news and information pertaining to The Heads, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! 


Wednesday, February 25, 2009 


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Category: Music
RosCo and The Heads with Special Guest Lonnie Lay will have a SECRET GIG this Friday Feb. 27 at Puma's Bar located at 908 Penn in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, Oklahoma! Come Party, we start at 8 and shut down at midnight so come out and ROCK WITH US!



Thursday, February 19, 2009 


Uncle RosCo's Early 29th (Again) Birthday Bash!
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Category: Music
Although the actual date is not until March 1, RosCo and The Heads with Special Guest Lonnie Lay will be celebrating
the Oklahoma Dough Boy and his birthday THIS Saturday Night, Feb. 21,
9PM, at Puma's Bar, 908 Penn in beautiful downtown Hartshorne,
Oklahoma! Bring Uncle RosCo gifts (cash is always good) tater tots, ice
cream, pinto beans, Corvettes, cat food, Apple Dumplings, and ROCK ON



Sunday, February 08, 2009 

Valentine's Day ROCK!
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After a furlough of seventy-three years which included a top secret
parachute drop into an enemy donut factory, a Moroccan Themed  Square
Dance Calling Contest, an Oklahoma Ice Storm, the removal of splinters
from a private area that can only be described as a major ouchie, and
the dubious distinction of having the most munchies per band member in
a four state area, RosCo And The Heads are ready to Rock on Feb. 14,
9pm Valentine's Day! The festivities will take place at the newly
reopened Puma's Bar at 908 Penn in beautiful downtown Hartshorne this
Saturday night and will feature everyone's' favorite Valentine, Lonnie
Lay! The local authorities have been put on alert and orders for pizza
and other delicacies have been posted as well as the Shoot On Site
Proclamation for Cupid! But Love will be Bare or in the air as The
Heads work up their unpainted brand of Rock And Or Roll, and Jam Nights
start anew on Feb. 15 Sunday, 5pm to 9pm, so bring them electric
turnips, leave your socks at home, bring RosCo a Valentine, get ready
to Party, tell your friends, tell your livestock, and ROCK ON WITH




Wednesday, January 07, 2009 

Slap Yer Behind In 2009!
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Category: Music

  RosCo And The Heads, the band worshiped by chicken farmers located in Western Cleveland next on Jerry Springer, somehow made it through Christmas without eating a single hogs head cheese sandwich! Much o presents and booty were presented to the band from all over the land (especially from Cleveland) and all were graciously accepted with glee. There is enough wrapping paper to last into the New Year and the paper airplane contest should be quite shiny and bright, hmm there is a song in there somewhere! Ken Puma, drummer and noted auditorium on all things China buffet, wanted to thank all of the fans from his house that kept him cool during the hot Oklahoma summer. Steven Ford, Bass Man and undisputed champion tooth picker of the world, sends out best wishes for a Happy New Year and hopes everyone can give pizza a chance. And guitar picker and hallucination enthusiast RosCo covets more ice cream and wants everyone to 'Slap Your Behind In 2009!'
  This Saturday night, 9pm January 10th,  finds the Rockin' Dough Boy trio at Shovel Head's Bar in North Town, McAlester for a night of festivities unmatched since the great Popsicle Riots of the early 1940's which of course, NONE of us have ever read about until now! And next Saturday night, 9 pm January 17th, will find The Heads rocking out with Special Guest Lonnie Lay and the newly improved and restored Puma's II, formerly Puma's Bar, formerly Ameci's, formerly The Office, formerly, well you get the picture! (This Space For Rent, CHEAP!) Come and see the newly installed stripper pole and see Kenny grease that thing up! And Jam Night begins again on January 18 at 5pm, so bring your electric banjo and plug into the 5150 and get down! Thanks so much for supporting local music and stand up comedy, please keep sending the cinnamon buns, fishing tackle, Cubs memorabilia, chop sticks, Maxine calendars and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO! (especially from Cleveland)



Friday, December 19, 2008 

Current mood:  fabulous
Category: Music

RosCo And The Heads, the first trio ever to moon Santa, are back at it this weekend at the ShovelHead Bar in North Town McAlester, Oklahoma to get down and Rock And Or Roll! Extra beverages have been ordered, condom machines have been restocked, most of the small animals have been penned up, all in preparation for the Happy Hartshorne Heads! Steven Ford, Bass Dude and Professor of Square Dance Calling had this to say; "We Gonna have FUN!" Thank you, Steve! Detroit Dawg Drum Throne sitter onner Ken Puma, noted for his recent winnings in the Pillsbury Bake-Off also retorted; "I beat anorexia!" And Head Head and guitar/chicken plucker RosCo was quoted as saying, "Shovel and Heads Rock!" Get there early at 1203 North Main Saturday night, the show starts at 9pm, and make plans to attend the Toys  For Tots Rock Show on Monday, December 22 starting at 7pm also at ShovelHead's when The Heads share the bill with StoneKat for a great cause! We wish each and every one of  you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, look for new music in 2009, so keep sending those tator tots, candy canes, egg nog, frothy fiddle sticks and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Saturday, December 13, 2008 

Gig Canceled!
Current mood:  annoyed

Evidently Puma's Bar, the home of RosCo And The Heads and shrine to bar fly's every where, forgot to fill out their voter registration cards and have been forced to temporarily close. This leaves Jam Night and the December Birthday Bash on ice for this Dec. 13/14 weekend, but hopefully the matter will be fixed sometime this week and things will be back to normal, so GET READY TO PARTY! Keep sending that email, baby lotion, tissue paper, chocolate, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jonesin’ For Turkey!
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Category: Music

RosCo And The Heads, the trio that made Thanksgiving famous, are back at it this weekend with a November Birthday Bash! Puma's Bar is the first victim starting at 9pm Nov. 15 Saturday night with our old pal and shenanigan inventor, Lonnie Lay! Then, after a few hours rest and a test of the emergency condom system, it is JAM NIGHT at Puma's Bar starting at 5pm Sunday, Nov. 16! And even THEN, after some rest and vitamin popping, flu shots, and bikini waxing, Friday November 21 will find the Trio of Uniformity off to Mena, Arkansas to party with Vince and Tracy at The Eagles Club starting at 9pm! The local Baskins-Robbins has been put on alert, women have been trucked in from Texas, tasty beverages have been put on ice, and a SPLENDID time has been limited by all so keep turning your sheets, don't mistake RosCo for the Pillsbury Dough Guy, be thankful, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Interview!
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Category: Music

New Interview posted at featuring Yours Truly! Just scroll down to the Latest Blog Entry section and click on 'RosCo Interview.' Jam Night is at Puma's Bar tonight so all you local musicians come on down! And the Return of Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy happens Wednesday night at Puma's starting at 8pm, keep sending those turkey coupons and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween With The Heads!
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Category: Music

That merry trio of Rock And Or Roll Trick or Treaters will be having a  Rockin Halloweenie Partay at PUMA's Bar at 908 Penn in beautiful downtown Hartshorne Friday night starting at 9pm with Special Guest Lonnie Lay! Come on down as RosCo And The Heads search boobs with apples, sacrifice a pizza, rosin up their G-strings, play loud enough to wake the dead, and many other ghoulish happenings and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Weekend!
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Category: Music

   RosCo And The Heads, that often mistaken Pillsbury Dough Boy tribute band, is ready to Rock And Or Roll the last full weekend of Rocktober! Friday night finds the merry trio at legendary watering hole The 1896 on Choctaw Avenue in McAlester, Oklahoma. The band first played the establishment in the early 90s when RosCo and Steven were wee lads and Ken was still lost in Detroit, probably making big bucks not realizing that someday he would soon go broke in a rockin blues band in Okie Land! Alas the Heads have not realized a full gig in McAlester in quite some time, but since the good ol statue of limitations has kicked in, it is time to Rock McAlester! The party starts early at 8pm and lasts until midnight so bring your milk duds and come on down!
   Saturday night is a special night for all local ghouls and goblins as The Heads with Special Guest's Lonnie Lay and introducing Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy put on a Rock Show at the historic Liberty Theatre in beautiful downtown Hartshorne starting at 7:30pm! The tradition of booking all ages shows continues as the band with a heart, or heartburn if it is tamale and turnip night, charges a paltry $5 for defraying the cost of renting the theater and of course, the deli tray. In other news, "Shelter From The Storm" and "No Goodbyes" have gotten some decent airplay and work still continues on the new albums, so stay tuned for a early Christmas release! Keep sending that hard candy, flashlight batteries, lottery tickets, emails, chain, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Friday, September 19, 2008

New RosCo And The Heads Song!
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Category: Music

"No Goodbyes" from the new soon to be released in October 2008 CD!



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Show Cancelled
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Category: Music

The Sept. 19 Show at Lively's in Wilburton has been canceled by the bar owner but the September 20 Birthday bash at Puma's Bar in Hartshorne is still on! Rock On! Come Party with The Heads!



Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Heads Are Rockin In September!
Current mood: hopeful
Category: Music

Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy with The Detroit Dawg had another wonderful acoustic show last night, and only two tires were slashed the entire time! Can't wait for next month! Special thanks to Lonnie and Kim for changing tires for me, I love you guys! The three greatest musically inclined donut eaters this side of Gaines Creek are back in action this weekend at Puma's Bar with our Special Guest and most excellent all around good guy, Lonnie Lay! August was warm and wacky with RosCo And The Heads appearing in a variety of short subjects which will be reported on soon, but first, let us turn the pages of September and give all of you fine people a Heads Up on gigs!

Sept. 6-Puma's Bar 908 Penn Hartshorne, OK 9PM

Sept. 7-Puma's Bar-Hartshorne, OK JAM NIGHT ALL MUSICIANS WELCOME 5-9pm

Sept. 13-Goldberg & Joseph Park-Main Street Wilburton, OK ALL AGES 3 bands starting at 7pm

Sept. 14-Puma's Bar-Hartshorne, OK JAM NIGHT ALL MUSICIANS WELCOME 5-9pm

Sept. 19-Lively's Place-Wilburton, OK Highway 2 South 9pm

Sept. 20-Puma's Bar-Hartshorne OK w/ Special Guest LONNIE LAY 9pm

Sept. 21-Puma's Bar-Hartshorne, OK JAM NIGHT ALL MUSICIANS WELCOME 5-9pm

In recording news, more work is being attempted every day on the new album and hopefully The Heads will have new music for you all very soon! Jammin John Peters is spinning the first single, 'Shelter From The Storm' on his Boogie Down Blues Show in McAlester Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm, so call the station and request New RosCo music at (918) 423-1400! You can also hear the tune at our MySpace Page at Stay tuned to this bat channel and in the words of our good friend Wanda Watson, 'Don't heckle the band!' (Thanks WW!) Keep sending those athletic supporters, red ink pens, fish sticks, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heads Up!
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RosCo and The Heads, that well fed trio of merry musicians are back at it this weekend! First stop is Lively's in Wilburville, Oklahoma, home of the frosty 12 ounce, on Friday night, starting at 9pm located on Highway 2 South! Then after a short time for recovery and ice cream, donuts, pork chops, and other assorted hallucinogens, The Heads will join Special Guest Lonnie Lay at Puma's Bar in beautiful downtown Hartshorne where the patrons will be celebrating a slew of birthdays for the month of August on Saturday night! And FINALLY this Sunday will see The Heads return for jam night at the above mentioned Puma's Bar for a 5 to 9 pm stew of music and mayhem! Come support local music, keep sending those cards, letters, emails, text messages, and Fried Chicken coupons and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Big Party!
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The $5 All Ages Show is FRIDAY JULY 25 at the LIBERTY THEATRE in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, Oklahoma starting at 7:30pm! Come and Rock Out with Unity Crisis, Lonnie Lay, and RosCo And The Heads in air conditioned comfort at the historic theater! ROCK AND OR ROLL!



Thursday, July 17, 2008

On The Road Again!
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Just a quick note to let everyone know that their favorite Merry Trio are off to play Mighty Rock and or Roll at LIVELY's place on Highway 2 South in Wilburville, Oklahoma, starting at 9pm Friday, July 18! The chicken wire has been weakening at the night spot and the last time The Heads played there, a few beer bottles got through and clocked Steven and RosCo right between their legs! Fortunately, this allowed the Rock Em Twins to hit the high notes until the swelling went down! Saturday July 19 finds RosCo And The Heads back in beautiful downtown Hartshorne at 908 Penn located at PUMA's BAR where the Birthday Bash is being held to celebrate many of the local crazy peoples' B-Day at 9pm. Rumored to be included on the list is our own Kenneth Puma who will turn 29 (again) and plans to show everyone his birthday suit! Don't let that scare you from coming out and having a good time since our good friend Lonnie Lay will also be sitting in with the Heads! And to close out the weekend, Jam Night is 5 to 9 at PUMA's BAR July 20 Sunday evening so all musicians to need to come on down and sit in! The NEW single is out, 'Shelter From The Storm' so look out for the NEW ALBUM very soon! Don't forget the ALL AGES $5 SHOW July 25 at the Liberty Theatre with our good friends Unity Crisis and Lonnie Lay, keep sending the popcorn chicken, baseball cards (Go Cubbies!) Almond Joys and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!



Saturday, July 05, 2008

Puma’s Bar Robbed!
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Some time in the early morning of Independence Day, creeps broke out the front glass of Puma's Bar and stole beer, cigarettes, and parts of RosCo and The Heads' band equipment! The Heads will still host their Sunday Night Jam Sunday 5 to 9 but encourage everyone to be on the lookout for the thugs that wronged us and the good folks at Puma's Bar. Contact the local Hartshorne police at (918) 297-2544 if you have any information. To the idiots that did this, you have messed with the wrong bunch. You are going down.


May 31, 2008-After surviving the tornadoes and floods (so far) that come with spring time in Okie Land, RosCo and the Heads are gearing up for their Great 2008 Rock and or Roll Summer! On June 1, the well fed boys will start hosting Jam Night every Sunday in June at the legendary Puma's Bar at 908 Penn in beautiful downtown Hartshorne starting at 5pm, so all musicians need to rosin up that G-string and come on down! June 3 will see the return of Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy with the Detroit Dawg at Jackie's Alibi in Hartshorne for their monthly acoustic mayhem and coupon swapping! June 6 will find the Heads smokin' at Lively's Place on Highway 2 South in Wilburville and June 7 will find them jamming with special guest Lonnie Lay back at home based Puma's Bar! And THE party of SE Okie Land/ Western Arkansas will be held June 21 as SNAPPERFEST 2008 gets down with the Morrell Band, Weird Harold and the Rubber Band, and the Heads! Detroit Dawg drummer Kenny Puma says, 'I cannot wait to get naked at SNAPPERFEST!' Steven Ford, bass man and pepper jack cheese lover exclaims,' I can't wait to party with Bigfoot at SNAPPERFEST!' Hairy chin enthusiast and fearless leader RosCo had this to say; 'I hope they have an ice cream stand at SNAPPERFEST!' Festivities start at 5pm and will last until the wee hours so make it to the Oklahoma/Arkansas border on junction 259/63 for the party of the summer! Come on out and party with us and keep sending them cartoons. love letters, sports bras, Star Wars collectibles, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


May 06, 2008-RosCo And The Heads were so honored to be a part of the Benefit for Tonya on Sunday at ShovelHead Bar and Grill in McAlester, Oklahoma. So many incredible bands were there including MuddGroove, The Band Formerly Known As Set 4th, Stone Kat, MILF Riders, and Lonnie Lay! Over $800 was raised to help Tonya and Paul cover their medical expenses and the good people of McAlester and SE Oklahoma showed their generosity and support. Get better Tonya!
Tonight will see the return of Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy with the Detroit Dawg at Jackie's Alibi in beautiful downtown Hartshorne! This acoustic act is an experiment by Lonnie and RosCo to try and get women's clothes to fall off! 'In my experience, money has been the only thing that I have been able to utilize to get women naked, but I hope to use a G string or chord to entice said nudity.' explains lawn jockey Lonnie Lay, aka Zero Radius. 'If we figure this out, we can sell the idea and buy more ice cream!' exclaims Der RosCo, aka Ice Cream Boy. Ken Puma, aka Detroit Dawg, will run sound and had this to say, 'Turn it up!' The two hour show begins at 8pm!
The Heads will be at Lively's Place (Formerly The Blue Mist) at 9pm in Wilburton on Highway 2 South this Friday night, so make sure to come out and be ready to rock! Steven Ford, mighty bass man and clock setter has this to say, 'We shall quite Rock You.' What a cheerleader! Saturday night will find the Mighty Well Fed Heads at Puma's Bar (formerly Ameci's) starting at 9pm in beautiful downtown Hartshorne so bring your Pizza Hut Coupons, keep sending them smell good candles, glow in the dark urinal cakes, hot jazz records, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


April 17, 2008-The last few nights have been SO much fun rockin out in Hartshorne, Wilburton, and FM Radio 105 in McAlester, Okie Land! Friday night found us at Lively's in Wilburton where the women are insane! Saturday night at Puma's Bar was fun too as our old friend Lonnie Lay helped us out and we jammed into the wee hours! Monday night was the bestest as The Heads, Jerry Grey, Lonnie Lay, and MuddGroove tore it up for Jammin' John Peters' Eighth Annual Boogie Down Blues Show Celebration! Ken Puma, jockey shorts enthusiast and drummer for the Heads recorded and engineered for the Thursday broadcast and the phone lines at Rock 105 were flooded with calls asking for tax rebate checks! Steven 'Godzilla' Ford who is the bass man of the Heads and a night clapper told his Dad howdy on the air and that he would have the car back before midnight! And our hero RosCo who recently converted his computer into a veg-o-matic had to admit that he was so happy to be back in the hurricane! Recording is under way for the 'Blues Farmers' project and the new RosCo and the Heads should follow soon! Lonnie and RosCo are going to attempt some acoustic music at Jackie's Alibi in Hartshorne starting the first Tuesday in May and gigs for the Heads are coming May 4 at ShovelHeads in McAlester for a benefit, May 9 at Lively's, and May 10 at Puma's Bar in beautiful downtown Hartshorne! So keep dialed to this blog, watch out for insincere used car salesmen, keep sending the email and text messages and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


April 08, 2008-RosCo And The Heads, that trio of well fed merry men will be rockin and a rollin at LIVELY’s located at Highway 2 South in Wilburton, Oklahoma this Friday night! Yet again, a drunken and obviously deranged tavern owner has agreed to allow The Heads to play music in their establishment! When will this madness end? Come out and party with these guys and find out for yourself why no refrigerator is safe, underwear mysteriously disappears, and Rock And Or Roll is alive and well!


April 06, 2008-Had a wonderful time with the insane people of Mena, Arkansas on Friday night! Special thanks to Vinnie Lee for sitting in on a few songs and the girls that called the motel at 2:30 am! Steve, Ken, and RosCo had way too much fun and we cannot wait to party again with the Eagles!


March 27, 2008-Tuesday night was the (finally!) debut of the Great 2008 RosCo And The Heads Rock And or Roll Party! After getting rained out and another cancellation due to circumstances beyond their control, The Heads rocked out with Special Guest Lonnie Lay at Jackie’s Alibi in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, Oklahoma! The women were crazy, the drinks were cold and the band was hot! Ken Puma, drummer and part time tidily-wink enthusiast proclaimed the night a success and a good excuse to get naked! Steven Ford, mighty bass man and Grounds Keeper Willie Fan reflected on the nights’ festivities and decided that the Heads were back and whipped cream was what he forgot to pick up at the grocery store earlier in the day. And our hero RosCo had so much fun that he lost his underwear but was still able to celebrate with 2am ice cream!
Saturday night will find the Heads mixing it up at the Grand Opening of Puma’s Bar (formerly Ameci’s) ALSO conveniently located in beautiful downtown Hartshorne, so come on down and check out the old guys of Rock And or Roll, bring your pickle coupons, wear socks, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008-Hartshorne, Oklahoma is a quiet little town, with one and a half stoplights, a couple of gas stations, a Dollar Store, a few churches, and 14,000 bars. After a layoff of nearly nine months, two of those bars have decided to let ROSCO AND THE HEADS play Mighty Rock And Or Roll in their establishments! The Heads were just as surprised as anyone else, but they inked the deal before the owners could sober up, so come Party with ROSCO AND THE HEADS Tuesday March 18 at Jackie’s Alibi and Friday March 21 at the Grand Opening of Puma’s Bar, both located in beautiful downtown Hartshorne! If you don’t know where the bars are, just drive to Hartshorne, roll down your window, and LISTEN!


January 17, 2008-Since I have not been on a stage since June of 2007, I am really missing performing live and drunk women! I have been writing and recording and I did send one song to John Peters at Rock-105 in McAlester, but the song, 'Whole Lotta Lovin' is not really indicative of the kind of direction I am going with my music. Still, I feel like I owe John a full CD of blues based music in the vein of the very popular '4 Blues' disc from a few years back, and I hope to get the project done in 2008. At the same time I have a more modern rock sound in mind for my next 'Heads album which I probably will record by myself as well since I enjoy piddling around in my studio and have no one to blame but myself if something is not right; I might as well beat myself up for a reason if I continue to berate myself anyway, don't you agree? I have also been working with a youngster who has talent but we are just now in the development stages and I do not want to say more since he is a good soul and he does not need any more pressure than already exists. We'll save that for later! Thanks so much for all the kind words about my music and I do enjoy and appreciate the 'Get Well' soon emails and notes and I hope to be able to party with ya'll somewhere down the line. Keep listening and support your local music scene!


December 26, 2007-My health is still not the best but I have still been making music. John Peters of Rock 105 in McAlester, OK played a cut from my new project, The Blues Farmers a week before Christmas and will play it again on his show Thursday Dec. 27 so tune in from six to eight pm to catch the track, 'Whole Lotta Lovin.' (Make sure and visit John at I have a lot of blues and folk music laying around that I want to record and push out before I start on my next modern rock recording, so that is why the new project is called the Blues Farmers featuring Delbert McDiaper. Delbert is an alter ego of mine so ya'll treat him right and look for a full length CD from him by Spring 2008. I already have the bulk of songs ready to go for a RosCo and The Heads album, which I will also try and get out in 2008, but we shall see about that as well. I may not be performing live anymore, but I will make music until the day I die. Thanks so much to the good folks that have supported me over the years and I wish everyone the Greatest 2008 ever!

JULY 10, 2007-SEMI-RETIREMENT WANNABE!-Well, it looks like our hero has to take a little vacation for a while due to that good ol' diabetes and COPD. I gave the band their pink slips and they have been playing music with other groups for quite some time anyway, so at least they have jobs and will not go hungry. I plan to record some tunes and get better so perhaps I can jam in the future and all you fine folks can come see me and have a good time. Keep checking back here for the latest news and new music is on the way, I ain't dead yet! Keep sending those warm wishes and nude email and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


MAY 18, 2007-TWO WEEKS UNTIL SNAPPERFEST! Clean your beer goggles, wash under your arms, shine your shoes, and throw away your underwear, Snapper Fest is coming Saturday June2! Filthy Richard, Weird Harold & The Rubber Band, and RosCo and The Heads will be rocking out, so come one come all to Snappy Mac's on Highway 63 right after Big Cedar, Oklahoma, festivities start at noon until who knows? In other news, read's interview with RosCo And The Heads at this link:
Keeps sending shoe horns, crème horns, bull horns, and declarations of horniness, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


APRIL 21, 2007-KONICHIWA!- The past few weeks have been crazier than ever with RosCo and the Heads having more fun without getting naked than usual! The big Saint Paddy's Day Party at the Eagles Club in Mena was amazing as those people just get crazier every time! Green was everywhere and the ladies made things incredibly fun and the party back at the motel continued into the wee hours! Steven Ford, bass man and mild mannered man of steel had one complaint; 'Kenny ate the mint off my pillow!' Yes folks, we have an embarrassing secret that we can keep from you no longer; Our Kenny is a mintaholic! Therapy, interventions, dental floss, and threats of cutting off tanning salon privileges have not worked, so keep the mighty Detroit drummer in your thoughts and smiles as he needs help! A few days later, The Heads jammed with Lay'd Back and 2 Steps West at Babes Club in Krebs, Oklahoma! Old friend and riverboat gambler Steve McGillberry was there on the keys participating in the jam and he proceeded to regale the band with tales of his culinary prowess and fifteen different ways to tie a tennis shoe! And just this last Tuesday, history was made as the afore mentioned line up plus local band Bucket Mouth and Jerry Grey performed live over streaming internet for the 7th annual DJ John Peters Boogie Down Blues Show! The Blue House was invaded like it hadn't been in a long time and the broadcast was heard all around the world! Kay Peters, wife and personal trainer of John whipped up a batch of cupcakes, spaghetti, lil' smokies, veggies and even a half gallon of Rocky Road for RosCo! Except for a few technical glitches and a streaker, the show went well and Uncle RosCo and the Great Italian Vulcan Preston are rubbing their hands in anticipation of NEXT YEARS party! And FINALLY the big event happens this Friday, April 27 as Lay'd Back, 2 Steps West, and RosCo And The Heads take over the Liberty Theatre for an all ages show! Come on out and support your local blues and classic rock bands and for more info, click HERE!  The evening gets started at 7pm with doors opening at 6, so get there early and get a good seat and cheer these guys on! Keep on keeping on and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


MARCH 10, 2007-THEY'RE BACK!-After a long deserved vacation, RosCo And The Heads are back on the air! Many cards, letter, emails, paternity suits, and birthday suits have been received, all wondering and inquiring what have The Heads been up to? Well...Steven Ford, bass man and sometime vegetable bouncer has been involved with a top secret chemistry experiment which has somehow allowed him the super powers of a yodeler! Details are sketchy and of course details are most secret, but Steven can now yodel better than Barbara Streisand! 'I do not mean to brag...' claims the Steven Ford one, 'but I can blow Babs away in a yodeling contest.' Indeed, let us hope and pray that we will never have to witness such a debacle, EVER, Steven!  Elsewhere, drummer and eye drop salesman Ken Puma is celebrating ever since he figured out how to mail his seventeen year old daughter to Michigan! 'It was not easy!' admits the Italian drum king of love. 'First, I kept licking the stamps and they would stick to my tongue and then my daughter kept running away, and she did not fit well into the mailbox, but we got 'er done!' We suspect the Michigan post office does not do things quite like we do in the south, so bets are that more postage will be due! Meanwhile our hero and fearless leader RosCo has taught himself how to fry bacon while naked! 'I got the idea from a welding  commercial.' explains the disturbed guitarist and vocalist for The Heads. 'I just wear a welding helmet placed in a strategic position and I have all the protection I need!' Will this start a revolution in the fried food industry? Stay tuned!

The My Space website now features RosCo And The Heads songs for sale! Yep, your favorite band is now signed to SNOCAP, an independent distribution label for artists such as The Heads so go snatch up some Head tunes for only .99¢ each before they go bankrupt! The new album is still being worked on and when it is ready, it will also be featured at SNOCAP as well as some music from the back catalogue of RosCo And The Heads that has never been available ever in the digital format. The Heads are also very happy to announce that negotiations are underway to be featured with the iTunes music service, so The Heads are coming very soon to an iPod near you!

The band has been preparing for the celebration of the Irish at The Eagles Club in beautiful downtown Mena, Arkansas March 17! The party should be quite the blowout as the good people of Mena are party athletes and RosCo And The Heads are prepared! The last party in Mena lasted all year, so come out and celebrate all things green! Festivities begin at 8pm, but all indicators point to a dawn patrol party, as is usual with them crazy folks in Mena! Keep those cards and letters and emails coming, send more layer cakes, donuts, clicky top pens, whitewall cleaner, moist towelettes, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!